Spring Time Mud & Dirt: Be Prepared!

With spring around the corner, get prepared for some mud

 Many of us are anticipating spring and the beautiful weather that comes along with it. But while winter melts away to spring, it leaves puddles of mud in its wake.  As you head out between winter and spring, here are a few helpful things to consider before riding in the mud.

Inspect your UTV

If you’re going to be driving out in the mud you want to make sure your brakes are working. Test your brakes before you go out, and inspect the brake pads. Dirt and mud are hard on brake pads, so be sure to continue to check on the status of yours every few outings. If you are going to be doing some hardcore driving through very deep mud or water, consider getting a snorkel kit. This will raise the air intake above the water to prevent any damages to an unprotected engine. Remember that a snorkel is kind of insurance for those brief and deep crossings. It’s not made to transform your UTV into a submarine. To keep water or other particles, like mud, from working their way into the moving joints on your UTV be sure to keeps all moving joints greased. The grease will keep them protected while you enjoy your ride! You should also inspect your winch. Make sure that the winch and the connections are clean; let the winch out completely and then spool it back in neatly. You want it to be in good condition in case you need to use it while out driving through sticky mud. If you or someone you are with happen to get stuck, be sure to avoid jerking a UTV out of the mud. The cable isn’t made to jerk or pull things out of sticky situations too fast, so avoid damaging a UTV or a rider by going slow. Tie off the UTV that is stuck, lay a jacket over the winch to slow the cable down if it happens to break, and winch the stuck machine out slowly.

Keep it clean

There are many reasons to keep your machine clean. For one, it will Spring-Muddingmake it easier to identify any problems or services your UTV may need. So don’t let your UTV stay dirty from your previous ride. Once you’ve got the obvious places cleaned off, be sure to give the bottom a nice cleaning as well. Also don't forget your off road experience isn't limited to mud. If you get stuck in dirt or sand you run into similar risks as you would for getting your machine dirty as you would in mud.

Helpful equipment

Get any other equipment you may need, like waders or other clothing that will keep the water out. You might also want to think about getting some waterproof electrical connections. If you’re going to be in really wet conditions, this may be a good idea. You can also grease all spark plug boots and electrical connections with dielectric grease to protect them from water. And keep a tow strap with you just in case. Lastly, be safe. Pay attention to where riders before you have gone. Just because someone has gone through a big mud hole doesn’t mean that you have the same equipment or left to follow. Play it smart and have fun! Keep the mud from getting you in the face, don’t’ forget to call UTV Windshield and Accessories for all of your UTV accessory needs.  

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