4 Reasons UTVing is the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date

Want to get your engine revved this Valentine’s Day? Go UTVing. Whether the snow trails are still open in your region or you really want to heat things up on a desert path, this is the perfect time to get your motor racing right next to your love interest. An excuse to get romantic is always welcome, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with stuffy restaurants and uncomfortable suits and dresses. Don’t think UTVing is romantic? Here are just a smattering of reasons that prove you wrong: 1. Endorphins are Aphrodisiacs Contrary to popular belief, UTVing is a fantastic workout. As an added bonus, working out releases endorphins which is your body’s natural feel-good drug. It’s much easier to get into a romantic mood when you and your date are already happy riding side by side. Plus, who lets a little grit or mud get in the way of a good time? Pack your camera and share your experience on Facebook! 2. It’s a Bonding Experience Ask people where they spent Valentine’s Day four years ago, and they’ll probably have to really think—but chances are it was at an overpriced restaurant. A V-Day UTV trip is something to remember. Whether it’s your partner’s first time or he or she is just as into trail riding as you, it’s a date for the record books and sets the bar high. You can’t beat fun and excitement to contribute to a great day. 3. There’s Still Plenty of Time for Wine and Oysters Pack a special dinner and eat under the stars, in a romantic cabin along the trails or anywhere else your heart desires. You can make a full weekend of it by shopping together beforehand, planning the menu and even picking up some plastic champagne flutes if you want to dress things up a little. 4. At Least One of You Is in Your Comfort Zone How many people consider a crowded restaurant their turf? With UTVing, it’s home base for at least one of the riders, and that guarantees a smoother date. Take joy in showing off your skills, your favorite trails and indulging in a lifestyle that you just might want to share (for good) with someone special. (Bonus: A trail is the perfect place to pop the question). Who said romance is dead? Go off the beaten path—literally—this Valentine’s Day with an UTVing trip that will never be forgotten.

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