Why You Need a UTV Harness

The UTV harness your ride came with might not be the best accessory for your needs. It depends on how you plan to use your UTV and whether it’s a Polaris, Kawasaki or an Arctic Cat. Riding rough trails, unknown terrain or in inclement weather can make your next outing more challenging than you think. Not only does a proper, upgraded harness optimize safety, but it’s also a great help with comfort. Recreational trail riding shouldn’t be painful, uncomfortable or leave you chafed and bruised. Top-quality harnesses ensure every safety point is secured, allowing you to focus on the trail ahead. Even if you don’t regularly challenge your ride (and yourself!) with your trips, opting for a harness upgrade is an easy way to enjoy peace of mind. It’s just like adding a roll bar, roll cage or higher-quality windshield. After all, you have only so much control when you ride. What about other riders? Or animals? Or trails that have unexpected cliffs, turns or slick areas? Harnesses, like other safety gear, can make the difference between a close call and a disaster.

Don’t Give Up Control

With a UTV harness, you remain more in control, but it doesn’t end with safety. You can choose from a wide selection of colors, sizes and bells and whistles. Harnesses can be stylish and can even work as an accent piece while you’re on the trail. Go camo for the hunting season, or frill it up a little with a hot pink option. The best harnesses ensure your UTV has even more integrity, thanks to unified construction. Plus, with sternum clips that are 100 percent customizable for elastic tension, you drastically reduce the odds of whiplash and cut the risk of trauma in case of an accident. Harnesses can come with a soft collar trim that’s still durable (such as a micro-suede) and minimizes abrasions to the neck and shoulder. However, your shoulder position will still be held in place, thanks to a no-slip construction. Your new harness will be contoured to your body, complete with shoulder and hip straps that are padded for those rough rides.

Prepping for Your Next Ride

Choose a harness that has an easy return policy (if you order it online), because you won’t really know if the fit, features and padding are right for you until you see it in person. The best harnesses are made of nylon or another machine-washable material that’s sturdy, yet easy to care for. For your first harness ride, choose a short and simple route where you can test it out. Riders and passengers instantly feel more secure with harness restraints, which lead to a more enjoyable ride every time. Improve your recreation, work, hunting trips and more by complementing your UTV accessories with a harness that suits your needs. Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories today to find out more about UTV harnesses and riding safety.

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