Kawasaki Gets UTV of the Year

Kawasaki makes great UTVs, but the Mule was proven head and shoulders above the rest when it won ATV.com’s coveted “Utility UTV of the Year” award. It’s no surprise to Kawasaki owners who know just how incredible this side-by-side ride is. According to the judges, it was the trans cab, which fits virtually any need you can imagine, that really stole the show. Of course, the impressive drivetrain, hauling/towing capacities and luxurious interior didn’t hurt. Now, Kawasaki has proof of what their loyal following has always known: Kawasaki UTVs are clear winners. All Kawasaki UTVs are drool worthy, but the Mule Pro-FXT got a real overhaul in the past year. Now it comes with a new chassis, 4WD and an engine in an innovative seating arrangement. The trans cab is renowned for being versatile, so you can carry up to six passengers (three if you want extra room). This has made the Mule a favorite for trail and shuttle riders alike. You’re just as likely to see this side-by-side at a rally as you are at a retirement home whisking guests around the property.

Room to Grow

With the three-person arrangement, you’ll have plenty of legroom, but also extra cargo space. No wonder it’s in demand with landscapers, farmers and others who need to haul big, heavy loads. The Mule has been an eye-catcher since it arrived on the scene in 2014, but it took a year to prove its worth. However, with ATV.com backing it, now there’s no denying that it has what it takes to set the UTV standard. According to Kawasaki Manager of Public Relations and Brand Experience Kevin Allen, “Kawasaki conceived the Mule Pro-FXT with the notion that they wanted to produce the best and most versatile UTV money could buy. Kawasaki believes the new Mule accomplishes that goal for the agriculture, hunting and industrial segments of the industry; a belief that ATV.com has verified with a coveted award that we are extremely thankful to receive.” Just like any other Kawasaki UTV, the Mule was designed by expert engineers and comes with the famous three-year Strong warranty. Who would have thought a company that started with motorcycles decades ago would be creating the ultimate UTV machinery?

Extra Bells and Whistles

If a gold medal isn’t enough, it’s always possible to kit out your UTV with extras such as a new half- or full-tilt windshield, roll bar or roll cage. This is especially important if you use your UTV on dangerous trails or carry hazardous materials. Ready to take your winner to the next level? Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories for all your Kawasaki UTV windshield needs and more.

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