Where Can I Drive My UTV?

One of the first concerns of a UTV owner or interested buyer is how much they’ll be able to use their UTV. Is it worth the purchase if you are so limited on where you can drive?

It’s also important to know where you’ll be able to gas up, wash, and get other supplies for your UTV. AS a UTV owner you’ll need to know the laws regarding safe UTV driving in your city and state. Requirements for UTVs are different everywhere you go, but it’s easy to determine where you can drive your UTV.


General UTV Guidelines

For most states, there are general guidelines about UTV driving. You will need to complete registration for your vehicle in whatever state you live and drive. Out-of-state registration and licenses are generally honored in most states, or temporary out-of-state registrations can be issued. If you’re planning a UTV trip out of state, look up the requirements online or call their state licensing office to determine what you’ll need to do to drive your UTV in that state.

Most states allow UTVs to drive on public roads as long as street licensing is acquired. The street requirements can differ from state to state but may include elements like tire size, signals, speed limits, horns, a license plate, and insurance. If you want to drive your UTV on public streets, you’ll need to determine exactly what the street licensing requirements are in your state.


Utah’s UTV Driving

Utah is one of the most friendly UTV states, with many trail systems designed with UTVs in mind. There is a multitude of cities with entire roadways for UTVs, and the Paiute Trail System in central Utah is one of the very best UTV routes in the country. People come from all over to drive on Utah’s UTV trails and see our beautiful countryside.

UTVs are legal on all roads in Utah except Salt Lake County, so long as there is a state licensing in place and the UTV stays under a speed limit of 50 MPH.

Highways are not allowed, and UTVs that lack the special requirements shouldn’t drive on the public streets. If you want to drive on public streets you’ll need rearview mirrors, turn signals, a horn, liability insurance, eye protection (such as a windshield or goggles), and a license plate.


Driving Your UTV in Utah

If you usually drive your UTV on the off-road trails, you might begin to consider the opportunity of driving on public roads. UTV Accessories and Windshields can help you upgrade your UTV to have all the necessary additions that will make your UTV ready for any Utah roads. We make customized windshields for any type of UTV and can help you with any other accessories, such as mirrors, signals, and other necessary accessories.

UTV Accessories and Windshields can help you customize your UTV to maximize the driving you can do and the fun you can have with your friends and family! For any of your UTV needs, give us a call.

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