Cracks and Chips in Your UTV Windshield

Driving a UTV through beautiful scenery is one of the most pleasant ways to spend an afternoon. Whether you prefer scenic lanes or the rocky off-road mudding, a UTV can help you get exactly where you want to go for a memorable experience. But what about that mouthful of bugs, eyes catching dust, and even flying rocks?

At UTV Windshields and Accessories, we know the struggles that can come with driving your UTV because that’s how we began. As UTV lovers, we have driven and experienced UTVs for decades and looked for solutions to the problems and inconveniences we noticed. One of these was the need for frontal protection in a UTV. Some people like to use windshields for better visibility, and some want better protection against debris and dust. Others need windshields to meet state requirements for driving their UTV on public roads. Manufacturer windshields ironically don’t always work with their UTVs and aren’t customized to work with any other accessories or aftermarket additions you’ve carefully introduced to maximize your UTV experience.


UTV Windshields

At UTV we make custom ordered windshields for your unique UTV, including any personalized roll bars or other additions to your UTV. No more hoping the windshield will fit, or compromising on what you expect from your UTV. We can make the perfect windshield, partial or full, to meet your UTV needs. No matter your concerns – from comfort to state requirements – we can provide the perfect windshield solution.


Cracks & Chips in Your UTV Windshield

One reality of driving your UTV is that you’re susceptible to cracks and chips. This is especially true if you like to take your UTV through the most intense off roads you can find. It’s important to get the highest quality windshield you can to keep you safe and to prevent cracks and chips. However, cracks and chips are a normal part of UTV ownership, and shouldn’t scare you too badly.

If the damage to your UTV windshield is smaller than an American dollar bill, it can easily be repaired by a windshield professional and probably isn’t too urgent. However, you’ll want to get it repaired before the crack or chips spreads. But when do you need to replace the windshield? If you have 2-3 different cracks or chips, if they’re located directly in your eyesight as the driver, or they’re near the edges of your windshield it’s time to give us a call. UTV Windshields & Accessories can not only help you choose the right windshield for your UTV, but we can help with repairs and replacement when necessary. We can get your UTV back on the roads and enjoying that fresh air quickly.

How is your UTV working for you now? Are there any modifications that could make your UTV even better? Could you use a partial or full windshield for your UTV? Is your current UTV windshield cracked or chipped? Start with a call to UTV Windshields & Accessories for some free expert advice and affordable UTV accessories.

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