How to Choose UTV Tires

The tires on your UTV are critical because they allow you to handle certain types of terrain and also make a big difference in the way your UTV drives. If you have been a long time UTV owner, you know this to be true, and you may have even replaced your UTV tires once or twice already. If you are a new UTV owner, it’s probably time you start learning more about UTV tires. For prospective UTV owners, you can start out right by researching different options for UTV tires and proactively finding the right tires for you.

Tires are the most upgraded feature of a UTV, and most UTV owners quickly swap out the manufacturer’s standard tires for an aftermarket UTV tire upgrade. Why? Because the standard tire options are, well, standard. They’ll get the job done, but there are much better UTV tire options out there. Besides the type of terrain and style of driving, another consideration that may affect your UTV tire choice is being able to drive your UTV on public roads.

How to Choose UTV Tires

  • Recommended Size: It’s important to read the manual and consult with the manufacturer recommendations for tires. Like many vehicles, there is some flexibility and people can opt for sizes larger than the manufacturer recommends, but especially with a UTV, you can find significant wear-and-tear by choosing a wheel and tire that is too big for your particular UTV. If you have a hard time understanding the many numbers and measurements in tire size, our experts at UTV Windshields and Accessories can help you interpret the numbers to find exactly what you need for your UTV, as well as give you advice on the UTV accessories we like best.
  • Terrain: There are different UTV tire options for different types of terrain you might encounter. If you primarily use your UTV at the sand dunes, you will want sand tires. Mud or off-road tires might be best if you primarily drive your ATV in the wilderness. For competitive motocross tracks, you would want to use motocross specific UTV tires. Or you can choose an all-purpose tire that should function well in any environment you may encounter with your UTV.
  • Maintenance: Certain types of UTV tires and wheels require more maintenance. For example, some types of wheels are very attractive but are more susceptible to cracking or rust. It’s important to weight function as well as appearance to be sure that you are getting a tire and wheel that will work well for your UTV, and that you can keep up with the maintenance.
  • Drive: Some tires will offer a bouncier, more colorful ride. Some tires will be more smooth and gentle. It all depends on the way you drive your UTV and the feel of the drive you want. Riding high or low can change your UTV’s drive.
  • Street Legal: The final consideration for your UTV tires is if you would like to drive your UTV on public roads. First, you’ll need to determine which roads you can use. Then you’ll need to find the appropriate size and tread of the tire that is approved by your state’s Department of Transportation. At UTV Windshields and Accessories we know exactly which tires are approved so that you can make a quick and accurate choice.

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