How To Best Clean Your UTV

Your UTV is your ticket to freedom and the wind in your hair. Your UTV can take you almost anywhere, creating experiences and memories that can mean the world to you and your loved ones. That’s why so many individuals and families invest in a UTV to experience the great outdoors. There are so many ways to use your UTV to enjoy the scenery, weather, and fun. Whether you plan to drive your UTV on the intense off-road journeys or the gentle scenic drives, taking care of your UTV is an important part of owning your UTV and prolonging its life.

The most common maintenance you’ll need to perform is simple cleaning of your UTV. UTVs can get filthy, and that’s part of the fun! Often UTV owners are driving their UTV in the wilderness or far away from towns with easy car wash access. You may store your UTV in the off-season, or set it aside for months at a time between vacations or getaways. It’s important that you keep your UTV clean and protected to prevent any damage or aging.

Here are 5 Steps To Clean Your UTV:

  1. Hose it Down. Begin by hosing down your UTV to loosen dried dirt and other debris. Be sure to do this in the street or driveway with good drainage. Many UTV owners think it’s ok to do it on your lawn, but the oil and other debris can be harmful to your grass, so be careful. Take care to avoid your dashboard or any electric control panels.
  2. Remove Debris. You can use a plastic scraper to carefully remove mud and caked on dirt once it’s softened from your hose. A plastic scraper shouldn’t damage paint or decals as long as you’re careful. You can also pull debris from your wheels and tires, and the interior of your UTV with gloves on.
  3. Soap it Up. Using mild detergent and warm water in a bucket you can use a sponge or soft cloth to wash all the surfaces of your UTV. Pay attention to the nooks and crannies, and use a bristled brush to get into the tight spots.
  4. Spot Treatment. If you find that there is still significant mud, grease, oil, or other tough stains you can turn to spot treatments to keep your UTV looking great. A degreaser can help break up oil and grease deposits anywhere on your UTV. A leather cleaner can help cleanse leather seats, and a glass cleaner can make your windshield shine. Finally, a power washer can blast off any remaining stains, deposits, or debris. Don’t forget to check your tires and wheels!
  5. Finish. Finishing with wax can make a huge difference in the appearance and life of your UTV. You can get your UTV waxed professionally, or do it yourself. Protective polish can make your UTV shine, but it can also add a layer of protection and propulsion that will keep your UTV clean and protected longer. Be sure to thoroughly dry your UTV to prevent rust.

Regular cleaning of your UTV will keep it beautiful and pristine for much longer, so make it a habit.

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