What Can You Use to Clean Your RZR?

As an adventuring enthusiast, you have probably wondered what the best way to clean your RZR is, and luckily, we’re here to help. 

There are a lot of products and a lot of ways to go about this process, and what you decide to do is pivotal to the life and quality of your vehicle.We are bringing you 5 easy tips and tricks you can use to clean your RZR the right way.

1.Clean up the Mud

After a fun-filled day of off-roading, your RZR will probably show the weather memories of the day in the form of dirt, mud, and or sand.Especially if you hit monsoon season in Southern Utah, which is July, August, and September. Before you get started wiping your vehicle down, you will need to wash or scrape off the mud. Not only will this give you a prime canvas to clean better, but it will eliminate the risk of scratching your vehicle while trying to clean it, by unknowingly scraping the debri against the vehicle.

2.Rinse off the Windshield

It may be hard to see tiny debri and particles on your RZR windshield. You could mistakenly start to clean your windshield and scratch it in the process. Make sure to rinse off your windshield to have a scratch free cleaning routine. You can use a large bucket of water and pour it over the windshield to rinse off leftover dirt before you start using a cleaner.

3.Say NO to Glass Cleaner

Believe it or not, most windshields get scratched by using glass cleaner and paper towels. Whatever you do, don’t clean your RZR using these strong household cleaning items. You will want to steer clear of these every day cleaning products if you want to keep your windshield clear and scratch free. There are many different windshields made of many different materials. No matter which one you have, high quality microfiber cleaning cloths should provide a safe and effective clean if used correctly.

4.Dry Left to Right

When cleaning your RZR windshield, avoid using circular motions as you wipe away the soap and water. Instead, wipe and clean in a horizontal direction or from left to right. Pay attention to your Microfiber Cloth as you clean, if you see any caked on dirt or debri you will want to avoid proceeding with that side of the cloth. Doing so could scratch your windshield. Instead, change the area of the cloth you are using so it is a clean side of the fabric.

5.Select Proper Cleaner

You need to select a cleaner that is anti-static and a dust repellent. When using your cleaner, spray 3-5 pumps on to your windshield and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Once the waiting time is complete, you can wipe it off in a horizontal motion with a new clean cloth.

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