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How to Properly Store Your UTV

As a proud UTV owner, there are quite a few tasks that you should do to store your UTV the right way.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started, so you can have the ease of enjoying a top of the line machine all year long.

  • Deep Clean

You will save yourself extra work and worry by avoiding corrosion when you store your UTV away free of mud and debri.

  • Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect and remove the battery. Store it in a cool, dry place away from kids or animals. You will want to keep it charged or on a trickle charger to maintain battery life.

  • Make Necessary Repairs

If your vehicle is altered by some sort of break or worn out parts, take the extra time to fix it before storing it away for the off season. This will avoid any corrosion of broken parts or elements of your vehicle that need fixing. It will also allow you to have access to a machine that's ready to ride as you are gearing up to pull it out of storage.

  • Check Tire Pressure

Before you leave your UTV safe and tucked away in storage, inflate your tires to the recommended tire pressure. Cold air has a deflating effect on tires. By inflating them to their personalized pressure in the beginning, you allow the vehicle to have equal distribution of weight while sitting. Be sure to check tire pressure frequently so you can prevent any damage to your tires while it's not being driven.

  • Elevate Tires Off Ground

In the event that one or more of your tires goes flat while being stored on the ground, this will prevent any uneven pressure and further tire damage.

  • Cover Up Exhaust Pipe

There's nothing rodents and pests like more than items sitting for long periods of time, with lots of places to hide and burrow. Do yourself  a favor and close up the opening to your exhaust pipe so you don't find furry friends on your next drive.

  • Change Oil and Filter

Change the oil to a synthetic blend, as it protects against freezing as your UTV Sits in storage.

  • Cover with Cloth

Avoid canvas as a cover or cloth as it will usher in retainment of water and rust. Instead, use a cloth that is light and breathable.

  • Fill The Gas Tank

It might not cross your mind to fill up your gas take right before storing your UTV. You can also add a fuel stabilizer. This is a crucial step to decrease the chance of harmful condensation.

    10.Store in a Closed Space

Protecting your UTV from the elements of the weather is going to be a priority when it is not being driven. You can prevent exterior damage, frozen gas lines, and build up of snow or ice. Use a storage space that is heated and has adequate lock systems year round. This could look like a storage shed, or even your garage.

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