Should I Take a UTV Safety Course?

If you are on the other side of purchasing a UTV, you might consider taking a UTV safety course. There is always something new to learn and the knowledge you will gain can only be beneficial. Here's how to know if signing up for a safety course is right for you.

Do You Need OHV Education?

For individuals under the age of 16, it is required to have an OHV certification course under your belt if you are going to be riding on public lands. The legal age to take the course is 8 years old by Utah state park requirements.

Where Can I Take a UTV Safety Course?

You can find the official UTV State Parks approved safety course available online at or a similar training and course at For purposes of this information, we will be generally talking about the official UTV State Parks approved course.

What Is Included in the Course?

The online course includes videos and scenarios that bring real life situations to life so you can be the most prepared out on the road. The online courses are designed to be functional on all devices spanning from tablets to smartphones. This makes it easily accessible for individuals who need the certification. A bonus feature included is the ability to stop and save. You can come back to your course when you are ready to finish and all of your progress won't be lost.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is free to study for the online course, and you only have to pay if you pass the test. The cost if you pass the Utah State safety course is $29.50. Once completed you print your certification and then you are ready to go off roading.

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete The Course?

There is a vast array of information covered in the course. When completing the course, you will be guided through a series of modules. Each module contains information on different aspects of riding a UTV. You will start with information on preparing to ride, learning to ride, basic riding, skills- on to preparing for the unexpected and obeying OHV laws in Utah. Since these courses are designed so they can be paused, the time it takes to complete can vary. You can finish it all in one time frame, or spread it out across a span of a few days if needed.

Who Can Take The Course?

The Utah State Parks approved safety course is made to accommodate not just individuals, but agencies and organizations who also need the certification.

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