Are UTVs Dangerous?

With the change in seasons and weather comes the change in outdoor recreation, and you may be wondering if UTVs are dangerous.

Trying new hobbies can be thrilling and exciting. UTVs and ATVs are a popular off road vehicle that offers a lot of adventure. Are UTVs a hazard?

Here is how to have fun and stay safe while adventuring on the open trails.

Vehicle Equipment

All UTVs have seat belts installed and are enclosed. They also have roll cages for protection. As a responsible driver it is your job to make sure you have your seat belt properly fastened, as well as any riders who are driving along with you. Just like keeping yourself safe as you drive your car everyday, safety is key in UTV operation also- and that means buckling up.


Going fast in a UTV is not a hard thing to do. Beginner drivers can easily lose control going fast and risk accidents and injury. The best way you can be prepared is to know the machine you are driving. Raad the owners manual. Have practice, and be familiar with driving so you feel comfortable with how your machine accelerates and runs. Are UTVS dangerous? They can be if driven recklessly or by the inexperienced.

Safety Education

One of the best things you can do to be a more prepared driver is to take a safety course. These courses give you the beginning tools you need to start driving safely. Also in this category would be a safety kit or tool kit to have on hand. It is best to keep one in your UTV with items such as a GPS, flashlight, first aid kit, flare, screwdriver, knife, and trail map etc. If you run into a hairy situation, you will have the supplies you need to get yourself safe.


Any time you ride an off road vehicle, you need to wear the right attire. Long sleeve shirts to cover your arms, long pants, high socks, boots,a helmet. and protective eyewear should be a must during every single ride. 


There are certain age requirements to follow when driving a UTV. Drivers who are operating a UTV must be at least 12-15 years old and have a safety certificate completed. 


Driving alone in a UTV can pose some risks. This doesn't pertain to your passenger or someone who is driving with you in your vehicle. Yes it is always good to have someone else with you, but even better to have more company and extra drivers maneuvering the trails alongside you.


Following the rules of the trails is key. Take time to know the trails and routes you will be driving so you are prepared and know how and where to drive ahead of time. Riding on marked trails is a good place to start.

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