What Are The UTV Safety Laws For Utah?

Many people find joy and thrill in riding their UTV, but with operating a UTV comes a lot of responsibility. Staying safe is the number one rule when using and operating a UTV. There are many laws and regulations put in place to help keep you and other riders safe.

To learn more about UTV safety laws in Utah, continue reading below.

Protective Gear and Clothing

Drivers and passengers that are 17 and younger are required by law to wear a helmet. However, we suggest everyone wear a helmet, regardless of age or experience level. A helmet can save your life and help prevent injury. Additionally, you should consider additional gear such as gloves, boots, goggles, and abrasion-resistant clothing for added protection.

UTV Operation

Utah requires UTV drivers 16 years and older to have a valid driver’s license. Those that are 8-15 years old must take an education course before operating a UTV on public lands, roads, and trails. This education class will teach safety, riding responsibly, how to properly handle the machine, and more. Once the education course is passed, a temporary operator license will be available to print immediately. A permanent operator license will come in the mail weeks following. It is illegal in Utah for any person seven years and younger to operate a UTV on any public land.

Titled and Registered Vehicle

It is illegal to drive an unregistered UTV in public areas. Your UTV must be titled and registered if you plan to operate it on public land, roads, and trails. To register your UTV, visit your local DMV with a Utah safety inspection certificate (if required) and payment of registration and uniform fees.

Other Laws

There are many other safety laws associated with operating a UTV. Utah law states you should only drive your machine on designated routes, trails, and areas open to UTVs. If you are riding on private land, you must first receive permission from the landowner. When operating your UTV in dune areas, you must attach a red or orange whip flag to your machine. All UTV mufflers require approved spark arrestors.

Most traffic laws that apply to your car typically apply to a UTV. It is illegal, irresponsible, and dangerous to drive a UTV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drive your UTV on the right side of the road and in a single file. Be alert to drivers and pedestrians surrounding you. Use your lights between dusk and dawn. Be cautious when going around blind curves, hills, and dips. Be courteous to other drivers on the trail. 

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