Seven Ways To Keep Your UTV In Peak Condition

Your UTV was built for the wear and tear of tough terrain. It does, however, require regular maintenance to ensure it runs well. Keeping your machine in tip-top shape will also help increase its lifespan, allowing you to spend more time on the trails and less time working on working on your UTV.

If you are interested in keeping your UTV in peak condition, continue reading below.

Tire Check

The tires on your UTV take more wear and tear than just about any other part on your machine. Avoid a flat tire or blowout on the side of the mountain by checking the tread and pressure of your tires frequently.


Use the Right Fuel

Just like your car, your UTV runs best on high-quality fuel. Consider using a high-octane fuel to increase your UTV’s performance. It may cost a bit more money to use better quality fuel, but it will save you money on maintenance in the long run.


Replace Spark Plugs

To avoid a reduced amount of power going to your UTV’s engine, make sure your spark plugs are in good, working condition. Generally speaking, spark plugs need replacing every 100 hours of use.

Check Oil Levels Often

Before every outing, check your UTV’s oil levels. Verifying oil levels look good each time you hit the trails may seem tedious. However, it is easy and quick. Low oil levels can cause damage to your engine and will not allow your UTV to perform its best. It can also affect your safety and your machine’s power and fuel economy.

Additionally, regular oil changes can keep your engine running smoothly. Frequently riding on dirt trails can gunk-up the oil in your machine, so be sure you follow the recommended schedule for oil changes.

Driveline Service

To ensure your engine powers your wheels effectively and efficiently, check your chain or belt driveline every few rides. You can do this yourself or hire a technician to do it.

Keep it Clean

UTVs were made to get dirty, and they should! But, they should also be cleaned regularly. Built-up mud and dirt can trap moisture on your UTV that can lead to rusting. Moreover, a machine that is left dirty can affect your engine and filters. Washing your machine and changing out filters often will lengthen the life of your UTV.


Check Electrical Wiring

Damaged, frayed, or exposed wires can cause a lot of harm to your UTV. Not only that, but it can also put you and any other riders in danger. Have your machine serviced as soon as you notice any wear or damage to the electrical wiring.

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