Do UTVs Need Oil Changes?

Just as your car needs regular maintenance to run smoothly and operate correctly, so does your UTV. The joints, fittings, air filter, belts, and brakes will all need to be serviced. But do UTVs need oil changes? Yes, they do.

Getting the most out of your UTV will only be possible if you regularly get your UTVs oil changed as well as the oil filter. But how often should you be getting the oil changed? Generally, you’ll want to consult your owners manual to see what the recommendations are for your particular UTV.

However, if you ride your UTV in extreme conditions or race your UTV you’ll need to service get it serviced more often. Even if you follow these recommendations, it is always a good idea to check the oil before you head out on a big ride. Trying to ride with an oil level that is too low or too high can cause big problems. And you don’t want anything slowing down your fun!

Besides getting your oil changed you’ll also want to keep your air filter in good condition. Some air filters can be serviced which means you’ll want to clean and oil it regularly. If it isn’t serviceable, you’ll just need to get it replaced regularly.

The moving parts of your UTV like joints, bearings, and other small parts near pivot points need to be lubricated every so often. While failing to do this might not cause extreme damage to these small moving parts, it can lead to damage to other areas that are connected to these small parts.

Look for these parts near the a-arms and sway bar in the front of your UTV, and the rear sway bar and driveline connections in the back. After you’ve found these parts, check with your manufacturer's recommendation in the manual for the type of oil that is best for these connections, and then lubricate them. You should also locate and check your ball joints, bushings, and bearings so that you can replace them as soon as necessary.

After you’ve changed your oil, you’ll also want to watch for the engine coolant to make sure it is replaced about every five years. This timeline can change drastically depending on how hard and how often your ride your UTV. Another thing to service less frequently, but that still needs to be serviced, is the gear case oils and transmission.

This may seem like a lot that needs to be taken care of, but if you take the time to regularly maintain your UTV, especially the oil, you’ll avoid unnecessary repairs in the future.

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