How To Fix a Deep Scratch in Your UTV

You head out on your UTV for an intense weekend riding over windy paths, through puddles, and over hills. When you’re all done, like any good UTV owner you begin to clean your UTV.

Unfortunately, as you begin spraying off the mud and dust that accumulated on the side of your UTV you notice a long, deep scratch on your machine. It’s a bummer, because you try to keep your UTV in great shape. No one likes scratches on the side of their UTV! The good news is, there are things you can do to fix a deep scratch in your UTV.

Knowing how to fix deep scratches is a great way to maintain the appearance of your UTV as well as the value.

If you have scratches you should be able to fix them by using a light-grade sandpaper to gently buff out the scratch. You should follow up with some polishing spray to help make the area look as good as new.

Another option is to use Comet or Soft Scrub to buff out scratches. But be sure to test a spot with these products before using them as they contain bleach and may bleach the plastic. Usually you’ll just want to use these products if you have a white UTV.

You can also try a few products made specifically for fixing deep scratches in UTV’s like Plastic Renewz. When using this product you’ll want to wet sand in stages using different levels of grit until you get to 400. You buff again with steel wool and apply the product and buff again. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the area that was scratched. There are other products on the market like silicone sprays what work well when applied after you’ve done some buffing with sandpaper.

If you’re not sure you’re willing to put in lots of work to fixing your deep scratches but don’t like looking at them, try looking into a skin for the body of your UTV. This will give you the option to add some character and flare to your UTV while covering up any existing scratches. If can you don’t want to cover the entire body of your UTV, you can instead find some stickers you like and use them to cover up some of the more offensive scratches.

There are also some scratches that my respond well to heat! Try using a blow dryer or even a small torch to work out scratches. This technique also works well for white lines that may appear after your plastic gets bent.

Another part of your UTV that you should pay attention to when it comes to scratches is your UTV windshield. Cheap UTV windshields are notorious for scratching easily, which can jeopardize your visibility. Instead of toughing it out or trying to go with a homemade windshield for your side-by-side, consider investing in some of the best UTV windshield materials on the market -- lexan sheet.

UTV glass windshields are quality, but the MR10 Lexan is some of the best material for any UTV windshields for sale you can find. And to find quality windshields, be sure to stop by UTV Windshields & Accessories.

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