Folding Windshields VS Non-folding Windshields

Cruising the market for a new UTV windshield may leave you scratching your head. Not only are there different material types to choose from like glass, or MR10 Lexan, but there are a wide variety of windshields that function very differently. For example, there are both UTV folding windshields and those that are don’t fold.

Reading UTV windshield reviews may be helpful, but first, it is a good idea to get the scoop on both. Here are the basics of folding windshields vs non-folding windshields.

If you enjoy riding in the mud and snow, you probably know that it is easy for your windshield to get totally coated leaving you unable to see the trail ahead of you. Windshield wipers are a must, but even then sometimes they can’t do the job. In cases like this, it may be necessary to sacrifice a little cleanliness.

Folding WIndshields

One of the best things about a folding windshield is that it’s going to give you lots of versatility. If you like to ride year-round, it is important that your UTV be as adaptable as you are. This means staying warm and cozy in your UTV during the winter months and cool on hot summer days. A folding windshield allows you to have full protection from cold and other elements while allowing for a cool summer breeze when folded down that will allow for optimal airflow.

Non-folding Windshields

Sure, with a non-folding windshield you’ll have fewer options when it comes to how much coverage and protection you want, but you won’t have to deal with making any adjustments to your windshield. This means you’ll experience fewer interruptions and you can simply hit the trail with complete protection and coverage. Because you won’t have the break in your windshield to fold, you’ll experience a more continuous view through your windshield without any distractions or obstructions.

Whether you decide to go with the Polaris Ranger folding windshield, the Koplin full-tilting windshield, or one of many quality non-folding windshields, you’ll have a more enjoyable ride with a windshield in place to keep you protected and comfortable. To get the best windshield for your UTV made from the best materials, be sure to talk with the experts on all things UTV windshield and accessories related. UTV Windshields & Accessories is your one-stop shop for all of the best when it comes to your UTV. Check out their selection today!

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