5 Best UTV Trails In The US

There are plenty of amazing trails close to home, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some incredible trails that are worth a road-trip or two to check out. In fact, summer is the perfect time to get adventurous and try out some new trails.

If you’re not sure where you’d like your next UTV adventure to be, here is a good place to start, in no particular order -- the five best UTV trails in the US.

1. Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee

If you’re looking for privately owned trails, the Ride Royal Blue Resort is renowned and one of the best UTV destinations in the country. When you make your way to eastern Tennessee in the Cumberland Mountains, you’ll find more than 200,000 acres with 600 miles of trails. Atv’s and UTV’s are welcome and you can expect to see waterfalls, ford streams, and beautiful mountainside views. There is a wide range of trail difficulty from easy and leisurely to the most technically challenging. The Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort and Campground also make a great place to camp out for a long weekend of several days at a time.

2. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah

Head to south-central Utah is one of the largest and best ranking (if not THE best ranking) UTV trail in the US. There are more than 900 miles of trails to explore. They go through four different counties and wind their way through flat lands up to peaks as high as 11,000 feet. You’ll see plenty of wildlife and can expect to spend several days making your way through Utah.

3. Hatfield-McCoy Trail - West Virginia

Another very famous system in the country, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system has some 600 miles of trails in southwest Virginia. If that’s not enticing enough there are plans to expand that system by an additional 2,000 miles of trails.These trails are open to any vehicle type and any skill level.

4. Imperial Sand Dunes, California

Looking for some awesome UTV trails in the sand? Look no further than the Imperial Sand Dunes of California. Picture 40 miles worth of sand about 5 miles wide; it’s an open playground for you and your UTV. There’s plenty of variety in riding difficulty, and if you’re lucky you may even catch one of the many weekend races.

5. Capitol Forest, Washington

For 80 miles of tails in the northern half of the Capitol State Forest, you’ll get beautiful scenery no matter which way you turn. On these quiet cool trials you’ll run across few other riders, but you will find spots of mud and rock.


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