UTV Care Guide: Wash, Inspect, Repair, Repeat

Depending on how and where you use your UTV, it can become incredibly filthy. In addition to washing your machine, you’ll need to inspect it regularly for any damage and make any necessary repairs. Properly cleaning and caring for your UTV will lengthen its life, leaving you with many more adventures ahead.

You can read more about how to wash, inspect, and repair your UTV below.

Wash Your UTV

Keeping your UTV clean will not only keep your machine looking its best but also running its best. Caked on mud and dirt can lead to corrosion, while filthy filters can cause damage to your engine. Repurpose the tools and supplies you likely already have in your garage by using them to wash your UTV. 

  • Pressure Washer: Sure, hoses and hose attachments will work, but a pressure or power washer will get the job done much faster. A pressure washer dislodges mud clods and dried dirt clumps with ease. Just make sure to be cautious around any decals, graphics, and other stickers, as not to blast them off.

  • Leaf Blower: If you have recently been to the dunes or the mountains on a windy autumn day, you probably have sand, dirt, or leaves littering your machine. Blow them away before washing. You can even use your leaf blower to dry your UTV to help hard water spots and rust.

  • Car Washing Kit: Chances are you have a set of car washing supplies. Items like dash wipes, shop towels, or microfiber cloths can come in handy when detailing your UTV.

Inspect Your UTV

Now that your UTV is clean, give it a thorough inspection. Walk all around it and get beneath it to verify nothing is loose, broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Every so often, tighten every bolt and screw as driving on bumpy trails can loosen them. If you find something that needs repairing, get it fixed before your next outing.

Repair Your UTV

It is best to repair your UTV the minute it needs repairing or at least before taking it out for your next adventure. The last thing you want on your exciting expedition is to be stranded miles from help or cell service. You can do many repairs yourself, while others will require a professional to handle. 



The more adventures and outings you go on with your UTV in tow, the more you will need to repeat these three steps. If you want your machine working its best for as long as possible, it’s important to take the best care of it. Wash it, inspect it, repair it, take it for a ride, and REPEAT.

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