The Utah ATV Trails are Calling!

Don’t clean your Can-AM, Polaris or Kawasaki for the winter just yet. Just because summer is (almost) over and Labor Day Weekend on the trails is behind you doesn’t mean you need to put your UTV in storage—there are colorful, leafy trails and future snowy destinations calling. In fact, consider this your challenge for the rest of 2014: How many of Utah’s trails have you traveled, and how many can you tick off your bucket list before the New Year? Even veteran ATVers are probably missing one or two epic rides, and the gorgeous colors of autumn are the perfect lure to keep you outside. American Fork Canyon in Utah boasts miles of trails, including dirt roads and single track trails. Head to Mineral Basin or Cascade Springs, set your sights on Silver Lake or head east to Mill Hollow. Spend the day at Tibble Fork Reservoir and rest easy knowing that whichever of these moderate trails is perfect for newbies (like the kids as a treat for the surviving the first week of school). Just watch for sudden drop-offs and take the lead to keep everyone in the clear. Happy Trails Caineville—or as it’s colloquially known, “Swingarm City” is dirt bike paradise. You’ll find some premium motocrossers here tackling the largest (all natural!) jumps found around the world. There’s also plenty of open riding terrain filled with steep hills and an abundance of drop-offs. If you prefer a little more management, there’s also ridge-line trails and single track trails. It’s perfect for a roughneck weekend and can be found 14 miles from Hanksville, Utah. Dirt bikes reign supreme, but UTVs and ATVs are welcome. Real men (and women) ATVers ride pink, that is, Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Southern Utah of course. Located just north of Kanab and off Highway 89, the dunes are situated in a State Park that boasts a top destination for UTV riders and campers. You get 1,200 acres of gorgeous dunes and sand trails, with plenty of pines and junipers to spice things up. There are also paved roads, showers and bathrooms for “glampers,” but make sure you reserve a campsite in advance if that’s on the agenda. You’ll also need a day use parking permit. Hell Hath No Fury…like an ATVer who’s never been to Hells Revenge. It’s one of Moab’s most desirable UTV trails and for good reason. Filled with rock trails and a sprinkling of sand trails, you’ll find massive obstacles that make Hell’s gate a true challenge. Try the Tip-Over Challenge or the “Hot Tubs” to stay sharp. It’s just 6.5 miles, but with a challenge rating of 6 out of 10, you’ll have your driving skills well tested. Of course, you can also skip the obstacles and still keep the bragging rights. After all, who’s going to question you when you have pics to prove it?

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