Should I Get a Regular Windshield or a Full Tilting Windshield

If you’ve been looking for a new windshield for your UTV, you probably already know there are several options to choose from; tilting, folding, flexible, and venting. Well, you’ve come to the right place because at UTV Windshield & Accessories blog we’re here to help you narrow it down. Today we’re focusing on the differences between a normal windshield and a full tilting windshield, and which one you should choose.

Normal Windshield

Instead of going with just one example of a normal windshield, here are two more specific options: a full windshield and a half windshield. A full windshield, as you can imagine from its name, extends from the dash to the hood of the UTV. It usually has vents and if it doesn’t, you’re going to have some issues with proper air flow and back draft. A full windshield will keep you nice and warm in the winter, but you risk being a little too warm in the summer. This windshield offers plenty of protection from branches, twigs or debris that may be in your way while riding but limited visibility if there is lots of mud involved. A half windshield, coming from the dash to about halfway up the cab, will provide that needed air flow giving you less back draft and less dust in the cab. You’ll also have better visibility in mud rain and snow. In the summer months you’ll be able to fully enjoy a warm breeze, but you may get chilly in the winter. The half windshield will give you some protection from branches and debris, but obviously less than a full windshield.

Full Tilting Windshield

Between the full windshield and half windshield options mentioned above, there are plenty of pros and cons. But is there something out there that can eliminate all of the concerns, while fulfilling all of your desires? We’re here to tell you there is. Folks, meet the full tilting windshield. With a full tilting windshield, you get a full, half and extended windshield all in one. With so many options and the ability to easily swap between the three, you will be prepared and comfortable no matter what type of environment, terrain or job you’ve got while out on your UTV. Shoveling snow with your UTV on a cold winters day? No problem, you’ve got a full windshield. Maybe you’re out on a nice spring day and you want to feel the wind on your face? No problem. Just transform your full windshield to a half windshield. Plus, the tilting the top section gives you the freedom to manage back draft and air flow. Getting more options with your windshield will mean paying a little bit more upfront, but the versatility and quality of this windshield will make it a lasting investment. If you decide to go for the full tilting windshield, be sure to choose one made of the highest quality polycarbonate and a custom fit. UTV Windshield & Accessories has a reputation for quality of products and service, giving you the best product for your UTV. Visit UTV Windshield & Accessories today to see your options for a full tilting windshield.

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