How do I clean my UTV Windshield

How do I clean my Windshield? If you’ve been spending time outside on your UTV, chances are your windshield has gotten dirty. Obviously you are going to be safer driving your UTV when the windshield isn’t caked in mud or dirt. You’ll also have a much more enjoyable ride if you’re able to see the beauty around you; your UTV is going to look better too! If you’ve invested in a custom fit, polycarbonate UTV windshield from UTV Windshield & Accessories, you know that it is made of the highest materials on the market. But even the best product can be ruined if it is not taken care of properly. General maintenance is an important part of extending the life of your UTV, and properly cleaning your UTV windshield is a part of that maintenance. Whether your windshield is made of Lexan, Tuffak, Makrolon of another product, improper care to your polycarbonate windshield can cause more damage than any element you may encounter on the road. Polycarbonate is a versatile and tough plastic. It is softer, but stronger than glass. Because it will scratch, you need to clean it correctly. It is not glass, so do not clean it like you would glass! Here are three important steps for cleaning your polycarbonate UTV windshield. Rinse First you should rinse your windshield to remove as much dirt, mud and as many bugs as possible. Simply rinse and soak without any wiping to void scratching your UTV windshield. Wash After you have removed as much debris as possible, you are ready to wash the windshield. Use warm water and gentle soap along with a damp soft or microfiber cloth to clean the windshield. You can use things like hand washing soap, dish soap and even baby shampoo, but Novus #1 and Brillianize are the most effective and most often recommend by polycarbonate manufacturers. You can purchase these cleaners at UTV Windshields & Accessories online or in store. Wipe your UTV windshield from side to side instead of using circular motions. When you are rubbing in a circular motion, you will naturally increase your pressure on the windshield, which you don’t want to do! This way can eliminate unnecessary scratches on your windshield and avoid trying to look through a pattern of swirls when you are driving in bright sunlight. Dry After you’ve washed your windshield, rinse it again to remove any soap. Then, blot the windshield dry with a chamois, soft cloth, or sponge to prevent water spots. You can also polish or wax your UTV windshield to minimize any existing scratches and improve your visibility. Before you wax your entire windshield, test a little on a small corner to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Avoid any harsh chemicals or cleaners. Do not use anything on your windshield that has ammonia, gasoline, lacquer thinner, or turpentine.  Avoid using any abrasive or sharp materials to remove buildup. To avoid streaking don’t clean your UTV windshield in direct sunlight. Follow those three simple steps above to properly clean your UTV windshield, improve your visibly and the appearance of your UTV.

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