Pros and Cons of Putting Chains on Your Tires

With snowy driving conditions just around the corner, you may be wondering how to continue driving your UTV while doing so safely and responsibly. If you think you may get in some hairy driving situations this winter, you may want to consider putting chains on your UTV tires. But before you do, it’s important to consider all that that entails. Here are the pros and cons of putting chains on your ties.

Pro #1: No Spinning, No Slipping

Of course, the number one pro of putting chains on your tires is that you can be confident when you drive your UTV that you won’t be slipping or spinning. This is crucial whether you are simply riding for pleasure, or if you’re trying to shovel your driveway, or using your UTV to do work around your home, farm, or construction site. Keeping your tires from spinning or slipping means you’ll stay safe, which should be your number one priority when out on the UTV.

Pro #2: Plowing Snow is a Cinch

If you’re looking to use your UTV to plow your driveway and sidewalks this winter, adding chains is a no brainer. When you’re out in fresh snow you want to be able to stay put while moving the snow around you (not the other way around.) Chains will make your job go a lot smoother and faster.

Con #1: It Gets Old

One of the cons of putting chains on your tires is simply the fact that the act of putting them on gets old. It requires lining them up correctly, pulling forward just the right amount, and attaching them correctly. All this will usually be done under freezing conditions. If you have to do it a few times, it may not be so bad. But if you’re going out on the UTV every weekend it’ll get old very quickly.

Con #2: Cleared Roads are Uncomfortable

As long as you’re driving in snowy conditions chains are great. But if you know you’re going to be driving on clear conditions part of the time, or if you happen to come across it, you’ll be a little uncomfortable riding along on what will feel like square tires.

Con #3: Lots of Traction Can Be Misleading

With chains you won’t have any of the slipping and sliding… instead you’ll have nothing but traction. This is definitely a pro, unless you’re forceful. If you’re not careful enough you may actually end up breaking something so it’s important to be very mindful when you have chains on. All that traction on a nice seal-coated or even concrete surface can leave it destroyed.

Whether or not you decide chains for your UTV tires is right for you, visit the guys at UTV Windshields & Accessories for any and all of your UTV modifications.

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