Best Aftermarket Modifications For Your UTV

Your UTV is great. With it you can have many a grand adventure. But the fun doesn’t end there. With after-market suppliers pushing the boundaries on all kinds of modifications, the possibilities are endless for additions, upgrades, and improvements. If you’re looking to take your UTV to the next level and give it a little “oomph,” here are some of the best aftermarket modifications for your UTV!

Tire Upgrades

Yes, your UTV comes with tires, but with so many different options out there it deserves a mention as an aftermarket modification. If you like to specialize in one type of UTV riding, whether that be rock, sand, mud, or even road, there is a specialized tire out there for you. When you choose a tire specific for your UTV-riding destination, you are going to get the best traction, the best grip, and the best ride.

Roll Cage and Roof

One of the things that sets your UTV apart from an ATV is the roll-cage. If you depend on that safety and security when you ride (i.e. you like to live on the edge) it’s a good idea to invest in a premium strength roll cage. Most roll cages that come with the UTV are standard, but there are lots of improvements and bells and whistles when you buy your roll cage aftermarket.

While you’re at it, add a roof to protect you from the elements. This will keep you more comfortable and safe while you ride.

Skid Plate

Who hasn’t cut it a little close as you go over an obstacle only to hear that horrible scraping sound? An aftermarket skid plate is a great way to protect your machine. And when you purchase the right kind, you can do so without even adding extra weight to your UTV. For example, ultra high molecular weight plastic skid plates absorb shock and are incredible at retaining their shape no matter what you try to bottom out on.


No UTV rider is going to complain about increased visibility. And it’s safe to say they’re not going to complain about keeping wayward branches out of face’s reach either! An aftermarket UTV windshield will help you keep a clear view of the trail, while keeping branches, debris, and bugs free from hitting you in the face. And when snowy or wet weather conditions arise? You’ll stay warm and dry in the cab of your UTV with your windshield taking the brunt. For the best aftermarket windshields available, talk to the experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories.


If you’re going to be spending all day sitting behind the wheel, you may as well be as comfortable as possible. Sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the original UTV seats. But once you test out some of the aftermarket seats that are available, you’ll have a hard time going back, and you may never want to leave your cushy spot in your UTV ever again!

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