How To Make Your UTV Street Legal

 If you’ve kept your UTV strictly to the trails, you may be missing out on some awesome opportunities. Whether it means access to more, harder-to-reach trails, or an opportunity to drive down the street to visit a neighbor, there are many advantages to taking your UTV to the streets. But not all UTV’s are street legal, and you don’t want to get a ticket or put you or someone else in danger. If you’re ready to hit the pavement, here’s how to make your UTV street legal.

#1. Know the Rules

If you’re a Utah resident, you’re in luck because the tips for making your UTV street legal in this post will be in accordance with Utah law. But if you live outside of the state or plan to visit another state, be sure to know the rules as some of the requirements can change. Even within the state of Utah the definition of a “street” can change. Before you head off on a ride, it’s always a good idea to brush up on the rules.

#2. Registration and Inspection

In Utah, every UTV or ATV that is street legal must be registered. When you register your UTV, you’ll also get a license plate. Registering your UTV will mean that you’ll have to pass a safety inspection, even if your UTV was made in an exempt year. After that you can expect a safety inspection every other year until your UTV is eight years old, and after that an inspection every year.

#3. Insurance 

You may not have thought about having insurance for your UTV, but if you want it to be street legal your UTV will have to meet the same insurance requirements as your car.

#4. Drivers License 

Also like the requirments you meet for driving your car, you’ll have to have a valid drivers license in order to drive your street-legal UTV.

#5. Extra Equipment  

Here comes the fun...extra equipment.. In order for your UTV to be street legal, you may need to make some additions to your UTV, which means you get to go shopping for some useful new UTV accessories!

  • Headlamps. Your UTV must have at least one headlamp to be street legal.
  • Your UTV must also have at least one or more taillamps.
  • Your shiny new licence plate must be visible and lighted with a white light.
  • Stop lamps, as well as red reflectors on the rear.
  • Turn signals for both the side and the rear of your UTV.
  • A brake system, other than a parking brake.
  • A horn.
  • A windshield, unless you plan on wearing eye-protection. If you’d rather not having something on your face while you ride, visit the windshield experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories. With their help, your UTV will be street legal in no time!
  • Both a right and left rear-view mirror.  
  • The appropriate number of seats, footrests, and handholds for riders, as well as seat belts.
  • An illuminated speedometer.
  • A muffler and emissions control system.
  • And your UTV, seats, and tires must all be within a reasonable size, defined by the Utah Highway Patrol.

For these and any other UTV accessories you may be in the market for, check out the selection at UTV Windshields & Accessories.

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