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Must-Have Items When Camping with Your UTV

You didn’t think there was a better summer activity than sitting around a campfire eating s’mores and telling ghost stories before jumping into your tent to sleep under the stars. That is until you got your UTV, which meant exploring the beauty of dozens of different trails, all with the wind in your face and the sun warming your back.
But what about camping WITH your UTV? That’s right, your two favorite summer activities together in one perfect outing.
Before you head out make sure you’re ready for an incredible time with these must-have items  when camping with your UTV.

#1: Sleep Closer to the Stars
You obviously need a tent, but not just any tent! Did you know you can purchase a roof top tent for your UTV? That’s right, attach your tent to the roof of your UTV to keep you off the ground and completely protected from both small or large critters. As if your UTV couldn’t already take you just about anywhere you wanted to go, your tent is now that much more portable. Don’t worry about finding a soft open area to pitch your tent. As long as you can safely park your UTV, you’ll be able to camp no problem.

#2: Breakfast in Style
Besides s’mores, one of the best parts about camping is hearty outdoor breakfast. With a portable coffee pot, you can have your cup of joe too! The Oxx Coffeeboxx is a great example of a perfect camping accessory because even if you drop it, beat it up, or drive over it, it’ll still deliver a warm cup of coffee!
And for your scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon, don’t forget to bring along your outdoor oven. Find one that’s fueled by propane and you can easily have a little oven and stovetop for cooking up whatever meal you like.

#3: Emergency Preparedness
No matter how well you prepare for your camping trip, accidents and emergencies can happen to anyone. Make sure you have a first-aid kit with you and a survival kit just in case. Make sure you have a form of communication should you get lost or need to call for help. And it’s always important to have extra food and water.

#4: UTV Windshield
One must-have accessory when you’re camping with your UTV is a windshield. Don’t let thick brush, or muddy trails hold you back. With a UTV windshield, you can stay protected in the cab of your UTV and continue riding until you find your dream camping spot. Your UTV windshield will also keep you, your passenger, and your camping equipment safe from excess mud, dirt, rain, or trail debris.

For camping or any other UTV accessories you may be looking for, checkout the selection at UTV Windshields & Accessories. If the experts there don’t use them, you won’t find them in store, which means you’ll get the absolute best selection of the highest quality accessories on the market.

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