How to Make Your UTV Safe for Children and Young Riders

There’s nothing better than enjoying a day on you UTV with your family. That is why you bought it after all… to spend time with your family and friends! But not all family members and friends are adults. When you’re out with your little ones, it’s important to make good memories but to do so safely. A UTV is a big piece of machinery that can potentially be deadly when not handled correctly. Here’s how you can make your UTV safe for children or young riders.

Get Educated
First off, it is a great idea to make sure your children are book smart when it comes to UTV riding. Did you know there are classes your young ones can take? In fact, for young riders to ride legally in Utah, they must have a safety certificate. To get the certificate, they must take an education course. In the course, kids learn things like how to ride safely, the responsibility and ethics of UTV riding, what size machine is appropriate for them, properly handling and weight distribution. Whether your child takes the class for the safety certificate or just to be more educated, they’ll come away better understanding the limits of UTV’s, and how to safely enjoy them.

Follow the Rules
Once young UTV riders know the rules, it’s important that they follow them in order to stay safe. One of the best ways you can do this is to follow each state’s law when it comes to UTV riding age restrictions. Those restrictions are there for a reason – to keep children safe. Help your children understand that this, and all other rules of the road, are for protection, not to restrict. This includes speed limits and areas that are off-limits to UTVs.

Dress Correctly
Once a young UTV rider is ready to hit the trails following proper instruction, it’s important to make sure they’re dressed appropriately. Wearing the correct gear will keep them safe! Children and young riders should always wear a helmet when riding on a UTV. They should also wear gloves, clothing that can withstand abrasion, and boots that cover the ankle. Eye protection is also a great idea.

Open Dialogue
Once you’ve taught your child all you can about UTV safety and given them proper equipment, the best way you can keep young riders safe is by maintaining an open dialogue with them. UTV’s are a lot of fun, but they are big, powerful machines. Make sure you are open about the dangers that can happen due to neglect or even an accident. Discuss practices you see while out on the trail and look for real life teaching moments.

Additional Accessories
There are lots of after-market accessories that can give you some extra peace of mind when your little ones are out on the trails, one of which is a UTV windshield. A polycarbonate windshield from UTV Windshields & Accessories is strong enough to withstand rocks, tree branches, or other debris while still providing excellent vision from the cab.

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