Best Summer Accessories to Have on Your UTV

As one of the greatest times of year, summer provides endless opportunities for fun. One of those is fun-in-the-sun activities is to get out on your UTV! If that wasn't enough to put a smile on your face, make yourself even more comfortable with the best summer accessories to have on your UTV.

  1. A Soft Top
    The sunshine is an amazing part of summer, but heat exhaustion, sunburns, and even skin cancer are very real dangers. You want to be able to protect yourself while also enjoying summertime and the beauties nature has to offer during this season. This is where a soft top comes in. The roof will give you protection from the sun, which means you’ll get to ride in the shade and stay a little cooler. But it doesn’t completely block the sun which means you’ll still get to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine.
    The sun isn’t the only thing to be protected from. In Utah rainstorms can happen without warning, leaving you soaked and uncomfortable. Your soft top will keep you dry from rain too. If you want a little more protection, a hard top is also a great option!
  2. A Windshield
    Just like your roof will give you added protection, so will your windshield. While you’re out on your UTV you’re bound to run into brush, tree branches, rocks, streams, and mud puddles. It’s fin to get the outside of your UTV dirty, but not necessarily the inside. Besides, when you’re cruising down a trail those tree branches can cause quite a bit of damage to both your UTV and yourself! Keep debris out of your cab and keep yourself protected with a UTV windshield. For the best on the market, look no further than UTV Windshields & Accessories. Not only will you stay safe, but you’ll get increased visibility which is imperative when it comes to safe and fun UTV riding.
  3. Rear windshield
    If you’ve got a windshield in the front, you may not have thought of a windshield on the back! But it’s a great way to control air flow while riding your UTV. Keep the air moving properly, and avoid dust or other debris in the cab with a rear windshield!
  4. A Cooler
    What’s a summertime ride without enjoying some ice-cold water or a crisp soda! There’s where this awesome accessory comes in. You can get a cooler specifically for your UTV. It will fit your UTV perfectly so you don’t have to worry about it falling off, or not securing well. You can pack drinks, food, and snacks with you so that no matter where your adventure takes you, you can keep on enjoying everything the trail has to offer!
  5. Steering Wheel Cover
    While just a small accessory, a steering wheel cover can be a huge help in the summertime. When the sun is high and your equipment is heating up, you don’t want your steering wheel to get uncomfortable to touch. The idea of wearing gloves in the summertime is probably too much, so instead get a steering wheel cover to help keep your grip cool and comfortable.

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