Mounting Your UTV’s Tires: Is It Worth It?

One of the best ways to take care of your UTV is to mount its tires when they need a change. Changing your UTVs tires every few years will keep your side-by-side running in top shape. After all, your tires are the single point of contact between your UTV and the road—tires carry the weight of your UTV. Mounting UTV tires is a difficult process, but it can be achieved. The first time you mount your UTV’s tires on your own will be the hardest. From there, you will develop a strategy to change your tires and it will be easier to change them moving forward. Taking care of your UTV’s tires at home is also cost-effective. You will feel reassured driving your UTV with a new set of tires. 

Why Should I Mount my UTV’s Tires? 

If your UTV is no longer running as smoothly as it used to, chances are the problem it’s having is related to its tires. Your UTV’s full potential can only be reached with an adequate set of tires. When changing your UTV tires, pick the tires that will work best for your vehicle, not the ones that will stroke your ego. In some instances, bigger tires are better for your UTV; however, there are other instances where bigger is not better. Tires that are over 32 inches big are practical for driving over mud and other road blips such as fallen trees and big rocks. Not every UTV driver goes through these types of terrain, so big tires are impractical for them. The bigger the UTV tire, the more weight your UTV is carrying. Additionally, your UTV will be exerting more energy just to spin big wheels, which will wear down your side-by-side faster. The added weight to your UTV can lead to shredded belts and busted axles. A general rule of thumb to follow when selecting UTV tires is to only add one or two inches more to your UTV’s recommended tire size. All-terrain tires are perfect for general UTV use, but if you’re driving over a certain type of terrain such as sand, you can also get specialized UTV tires. Mounting your tires provides you with a more personalized, effective UTV experience.

How Do I Mount my UTV’s Tires? 

Changing your UTV’s tires is only a matter of owning a tire changer and having patience. The hardest part about mounting your tires is breaking your tire’s old beads and seating the new beads. Fortunately, your tire changer will come with a bead breaker. To begin, mount your tire changer stand on the concrete floor. Work your way around your tire using your bead breaker, and your tire’s beads will easily break off. After the beads are successfully removed, place your wheel on your tire changer’s stand with the valve stem side up. Clamp your wheel down. Lift one side of the new bead, then push down on the opposite side. Use the center post of your tire changer as a lever and pull the bar. Lubing your tires will help you effortlessly push the first bead into your tire by hand. Use the supplied bar to install the second bead.

Choosing proper new tires and mounting them can feel like a chore, but it’s necessary for the longevity of your UTV. Our experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories are here to answer your tire mounting questions. We will advise you and help you maximize your UTV experience.

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