Making the Right Tire Choice

One of the very best things about a UTV is the freedom it can give you. You can roam all around the landscape, off-road, on breathtaking trails, or along your everyday roads. Part of this freedom is also being able to customize your UTV to meet your exact taste and needs.

Some UTV owners want a comfortable ride, while others use their UTV as a ticket to adventure. There are unlimited ways to customize your UTV, and at UTV Windshields & Accessories we love to help you find the perfect fit for your UTV. 

One of the most popular ways to customize your UTV is with tires. A hulking, impressively tread tire can be a tempting choice, or maybe you’re more interested in a shiny racing style tire. No matter what your UTV needs may be, there is a tire that will perfectly fit your UTV and the way you use it.

It’s important to carefully consider your options so that you can choose the right tire for your UTV, not just the one you see on the next guy’s side-by-side. 

Making The Right Tire Choice

  • Size: for many UTV owners it seems that bigger is better. But is a bigger tire right for you? Big tires are helpful when you spend a lot of time driving through mud, over large obstacles, or when you want a smooth ride because the extra size and clearance makes driving over object much easier. The problem with a bigger tire is the extra strain it creates for your UTV. If your UTV is small, old, or if you prefer more low-maintenance ownership then you should probably consider a smaller tire. 
  • Tread: The tread of your UTV tire can completely change the way you ride and even prevent you from getting stuck in messy terrain. Generally, the all-terrain tire will work for most UTV owners, but make sure you’re getting a good angled tread with “siping” or small lines and holes on the tread to help with snow and mud. If you prefer sand, snow, or mud specifically, you may consider getting a tire specific to the terrain you usually encounter. It’s well worth the personalization. 
  • Pressure: Did you know that using high or low pressure can change your UTV ride? Lower pressure will help your tires grip better, which can help in mud and snow. Higher pressure decreases friction and grip, which is preferable for those who race or on more standard, smoother surfaces. The first place to start is with your manufacturer’s recommendation for tire pressure in the manual or tire literature. Experiment with 5 psi above or below the manufacturer’s recommendation to notice how the change in pressure affects your UTV’s ride. 

Choosing or upgrading your UTV tires can be intimidating, but it’s important for maximizing your UTV experience. Come talk to our UTV owning experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories to find the tire that best meets your needs and helps you fully enjoy your UTV recreation. 

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