The Importance of Your UTV Windshield

Enjoying the sights and fresh air while driving your UTV is one of the purest forms of recreation. Nearly everyone can enjoy the freedom that a UTV can give you as you drive paved or off-road trails to immerse yourself in nature. A side-by-side also allows you to enjoy these options with friends and loved ones. With your UTV you have control over the speed, terrain you tackle, and customizable features of your vehicle to maximize the ride you want. 

Have you taken any steps to customize your UTV? Most UTVs come with a very standard base model that will require each owner to choose after-market products that can make their UTV more customized to their own use. This may include different types of seats and seat restraints, treads and sizes of tires, lights and signals, roll bars and cages, sound systems, and of course, windshields.

Most UTVs will not feature a standard windshield but will provide you with the option of a manufacturer windshield that you can purchase aftermarket. Is this the right choice for you? 


The Importance of Your UTV Windshield

It can seem simple to just purchase the manufacturer windshield that seems made for your UTV, but you may be surprised to learn that the manufacturer windshield may actually be designed to fit multiple models of UTV, not just yours. Furthermore, the manufacturer windshield may need adjustment to fit your UTV as is and certainly will need modification if you’ve added any other features such as lights or a roll bar. 

Another drawback of the manufacturer windshield is that it tends to be very small. Instead of being a full or half windshield, many of the manufacturer windshields are small and low, which actually obstructs your vision more and barely repels any oncoming dust, dirt, or projectiles. You deserve better for your UTV. 


UTV Windshields & Accessories

At UTV Windshields & Accessories we learned through trial and error that it’s much more effective to make a custom windshield for the UTV you have rather than order a windshield for a generalized UTV model. That’s why we created UTV Windshields & Accessories and provide windshields that will protect you and your loved ones as you enjoy your UTV. We have UTV windshields that are taller, clearer, and fit to the exact measurements and specifications of your UTV without bending or torsion. 

We understand that your windshield should protect your eyes and improve your visibility, not prevent you from enjoying your ride or seeing the full range of vision in front of you. Whether you want a low windshield that simply blocks some mud spatter or a full windshield that keeps foliage and obstruction from coming into the cab of your UTV, we can help you find a UTV Windshield that meets your needs and is custom fit for your side-by-side. 

Browse our website to see the personalized work we do for each and every UTV, then give us a call to see what we can do for you. 

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