Why Is It Important To Have the Right Size Windshield For Your UTV

There are a wide variety of options for your UTV windshield, and you might feel intimidated by thinking about all the possibilities. Apart from selecting the proper material and debating whether your windshield could do with coating or not, you also must consider the size of the windshield that’s the best fit for your UTV. The size of your UTV’s windshield correlates with the style of it. The size and style of your UTV’s windshields will determine the capabilities of your side-by-side; the cut of the windshield and the way that it is assembled also plays a role. Here are some windshield options to consider.

Full Windshields

Full windshields are the most common type of UTV windshield. These windshields cover the entirety of your UTV’s front window, making them practical because they protect you from the elements such as heavy wind and rain. They also guard you against debris and rocks that fly across roads. If you’re now concerned about having access to fresh air from the front of your UTV, that’s not a problem. Newer full windshields come with vents that can be opened and closed to keep you from feeling stuffy as you drive. Although full windshields are a great option, if you frequently drive through muddy terrains, these windshields will become a hassle to maintain. Your full windshield will be coated in heaps of mud. This is not to say that you can’t use a full windshield—you can just be prepared to constantly wipe it clean.

Half Windshields

If you’re a fan of the breeze hitting your face, half windshields are the best choice for you. Now you’re probably worried about too much wind pelting you as you drive, but not to worry! Half windshields are designed with a small lip along the edge to direct air upward. This kind of windshield is the ideal candidate for a dark tint since it eliminates some glare without blocking your vision.

Flip-Up Windshields

If you’re looking for versatility, look no further than flip-up windshields. Flip-up windshields can be opened by utilizing gas struts that hold it in place. You will have both a full windshield and half a windshield in one, at your convenience. Switching between the two types of windshields is easy, and you won’t have to exit your vehicle to switch between the two. Some flip-up windshields come with a mechanism that allows you to open the windshield up a bit more to allow airflow. These windshields are the perfect option for serious mud riders.

Owning the perfect sized windshield for your UTV not only completes the look of your side-by-side, but it also enables you to have the best experience while driving your UTV. When searching for the ideal UTV windshield, keep in mind the activities that you utilize your UTV for. This is essential since some windshields are more optimized for rigorous tasks than others.

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