How To Prepare Your UTV For Trails

Now that spring is almost here and the weather’s getting warmer, it’s time to prepare your UTV and get it ready to ride once the snow melts.

But before we head out, this is what we are doing to prepare our machine for the open air, trails, and dunes. Let’s go over a quick checklist of items any UTV rider should do before hitting the rocky mountain trails.

Scan Your Machine

Make sure you give your UTV a thorough scan before hitting the hills. You will want to make sure your machine is in tip-top shape before going out. We suggest you give your UTV a good look-over before every ride, but especially before your first ride of the year and every big trip.

Tires — Your tires take the most wear and tear on your machine. In addition to ensuring the tire pressure is where it needs to be, you will want to check the tires for any signs of damage and uneven wearing and verify the tread is still good.

Fluid Levels — The last thing you want on the hillside is for your machine to quit working. Before heading out, check your fluid levels. Ensure you have enough gas in your tank and that your oil and coolant levels are good.

Screws and Bolts — Bumpy mountain trails have a way of loosening screws and bolts on your machine. Give each screw and bolt a quick tightening before every ride.

Refresh Your Mind with the Owner’s Manual

If it has been a minute since your last ride, you might want to give your owner’s manual a quick read as you prepare your UTV for spring. Even UTV experts need a refresher now and then. Thumbing through your manual will help you familiarize yourself with every button, lever, and feature your UTV offers. Remember to keep your manual handy and with your machine at all times. You never know when you’ll need it, especially when you are on the trails and out of cellular reception.

Pack Emergency and Safety Gear

It’s hard to know when an outing will get too adventuresome, so it is best to always keep emergency and safety gear in your UTV. Bring along a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, straps, and food and water on every ride.

You also need to protect yourself on your rides, so take this time to order new protective riding gear and inspect what you already have.

Outfit Your UTV with TerraRider UTV Windshield & Accessories

Now for the fun part! While we think taking the time to prepare your UTV is both fun and essential, decking out your UTV is the best part of preparing for the season. TerraRider UTV has everything you need to deck out your UTV. 

We offer half, full, and back windshields for a wide variety of UTV machines. Our windshields fit your UTV like a glove and are made of the highest quality, scratch-resistant materials. 

We also carry safety accessories like fire extinguisher holders, straps, and winches. We also offer storage organizers, hitches, additional lights and mirrors, and more to create an enjoyable and safe experience.

If you need advice, give us a call! And make sure to check out and shop our online store today.

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