Are UTVs Safe? What You Need to Know

Driving a UTV is an absolute blast, but are UTVs safe? After all, they are large vehicles that don’t offer a ton of protection. The good news is you can cautiously operate your UTV, which will significantly reduce your risk of injury. Here’s everything you need to know to stay safe while having a ton of fun in your UTV.

  • Treat driving your UTV like you would driver’s ed. Before obtaining your driver’s license, you carefully study the driver’s manual and learn how to drive the car you’ll use for your driving test.
    Now, you don’t typically need a license to operate a UTV. Your driver’s license qualifies you. But reading the operator’s manual for your UTV will help you familiarize yourself with the inner workings of your UTV. You might learn some stuff you don’t already know, which will make you a better driver.
  • Examine your UTV before you drive it, every single time. We know this sounds tedious, but you could save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by taking this precaution. We recommend checking your tires and your fuel levels. It’s also a good idea to look for anything that seems off.
  • We can’t emphasize this enough. You’ll probably be tempted to drive super fast, but we recommend going slowly at first as you get used to your UTV. Practice making right and left-hand turns, braking, and accelerating.
  • Wear a helmet and dress appropriately. Riding UTVs can often be a social event. You might be tempted to wear cute clothes or not wear a helmet. But the proper safety gear can be the difference between life and death if you’re in an accident in your UTV.
    We recommend wearing a helmet that properly fits, over-the-ankle boots, long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, gloves, and eye protection (if the helmet doesn’t have any). You can also invest in a protective suit if you’ll be riding your UTV often.
  • Stay on the trail. Riding off-trail isn’t a good idea. Trail rides are maintained to reduce the risk of breakdown. Unpaved trails don’t come with this added level of safety. You could end up with a flat tire from a nail or hazardous object. Or, worse, you could end up lost.
  • Ride with others. When it comes to UTVs, there is safety in numbers. Getting lost or injured isn’t nearly as scary if you’re with others. They can help you get back on your feet or wait with you until help arrives.

TerraRider UTV Windshields & Accessories

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