Can You Drive a UTV on Snowmobile Trails?

As far as winter sports go, driving a UTV on snowmobile trails is a great way to pass the time. But before you hit the trails, we want you to stay safe. So, here are some tips for driving your UTV on snowy trails. 

UTVs in the Snow

Not every off-highway vehicle (OHV) is made for the snow. We don’t recommend riding a UTV in a blizzard, but UTVs can handle several inches of snow if you want to have fun with the flakes on some snowmobile trails. UTVs can be driven in the snow because of how they’re built–their weight, width, and muscle.

Prepare Your UTV for the Cold

Of course, if you’re going to drive your UTV on snowmobile trails, you’ll want to prep for the snow. UTVs are more often driven in summer weather. You can do this by checking if your fluid can handle freezing temps. If your engine is liquid-cooled, make sure your radiator has sterner stuff that can stand up to the cold. We also recommend bringing a bottle of fuel line antifreeze with you. Trust us; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Drive Carefully

While OHVs have their differences from cars and trucks, they have some similarities. For example, your UTV will take longer to slow down where there’s ice and snow, just like your car would on the roadway. It’s never a good idea to make a sharp turn in a UTV, but it’s especially hazardous in the snow. 

Make slower, cautious turns to ensure your safety, and then utilize your accelerator. You need to build up momentum to push through the snow. Suddenly revving your engine to go up a snowy slope will only spin your tires and blow snow everywhere. But building up your momentum will allow your UTV to make it up that hill. 

Accessories Can Help

You might not be comfortable riding your UTV as-is in the snow. That’s totally understandable! It will be freezing cold outside. Of course, you’ll want to bundle up so that you can stay warm. But you can accessorize your UTV so that it’s ready for the snow. 

Snow tires are a great idea. The tread will help you drive through the snow. If you want to keep the wind off your face, you might consider an enclosed cab. You can also get a heater for your UTV. If you have a windshield, we recommend getting wiper blades so that you can see where you’re driving! 

The best part of riding a UTV on snowmobile trails is just that–riding it. So, once you’ve prepped for the colder temps, have fun in the snow! 

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