How to Clean UTV Windshields Correctly

A clean UTV windshield is critical for your safety and enjoyment in the great outdoors. If you have invested in a high-quality, custom-fitted polycarbonate windshield for your vehicle, would you risk ruining it with improper care? Some customers mistakenly believe that they can clean polycarbonate surfaces the same way they might care for Plexiglas, but they are actually very different composite materials. And, unlike Plexiglas, it’s much harder to correct scratches or haziness in polycarb windshields.
Read on to learn how to care for your new UTV windshield the right way!

Your Polycarbonate UTV Windshield Takes a Beating
Admit it, the conditions you expose your UTV to can be brutal. Your polycarb windshield, whether it’s made of Lexan, Tuffak, Makrolon or some other fine product, requires special care. It’s actually very easy to do, once you understand its unique needs. In the wild, your UTV may encounter mud, rocks, tree branches and dust, not to mention the occasional snow, ice and rain. Although your windshield is impervious to almost any condition, keeping you safe behind its unyielding surface, you’re the one who can actually cause the most damage, if you don’t care for it properly.

The Dangers of Using the Wrong Cleaners
Like Superman, polycarbonate surfaces have one vulnerability. Care to take a guess as to what the kryptonite of UTV windshields is? Ammonia. But how many of you think to reach first for a regular window cleaner when your windshield turns grungy? Never use a general window cleaning product (such as Windex) on your polycarbonate UTV windows! Even many household or general cleaning products (Formula 409, for example) have ammonia in them. And it probably goes without saying that you can never use an abrasive cleanser either. This means no scouring powders (not even SoftScrub!), no abrasive pads, no scraping, and no dry cloths.

The Foolproof Way to a Perfect UTV Windshield
There are specific products made to clean your UTV windshield easily and effectively, no matter what you’ve put it through. Novus #1 and Brillianize are the most effective and most often recommend by polycarbonate manufacturers. Both of these products will safely clean your windshield when used with nothing more than a soft cloth. Start by removing any accumulated dust by blowing it off or floating it off with water. Remember to never rub or wipe dust away with your hand or a dry cloth! Once the dust is gone, apply the product according to the package directions and clean with a soft cloth, preferably microfiber or terry, made from ultra-fine fibers. Once you’ve wiped away all traces of the cleaning product, you’ll be left with a spotless, sparking windshield. UTV Windshields & Accessories offers Novus #1 and Brillianize in our store and online. Both are affordable and a little goes a long way. Don’t risk harming your UTV windshield by using the wrong products or techniques. Stop by today and let our friendly, professional staff show you how easy it is to clean your UTV windshield safely and effectively.

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