Celebs and Their UTVs

Get a UTV, live like a celebrity? That seems to be the case, at least with some well-known celebs who have been spotted off-roading on their own UTVs! For example, Brad Pitt was snapped with his son Maddox tooling around their Santa Barbara estate on a UTV. It’s even reported that Brad nailed a trick on a quad bike, boosting himself on two wheels (without Maddox, in case any riders were worried). One of Brad and Angelina’s neighbors, Gavin Rossdale, is also known for riding a UTV on his property. It’s clear though: You don’t need a celebrity paycheck in order to live, play and show off like an A-lister. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has also been photographed by paparazzi riding a UTV in a string bikini—complete with baby Vivian Lake on board. While this particular instance was recorded in Costa Rica (where the riding laws may be wildly different), it also has some riders questioning the safety and decisions made by celebrities when it comes to child safety and UTV riding. Bundchen’s husband, Tom Brady, followed in another UTV. Who Needs a Limo? No matter what you think about Justin Bieber, he’s yet another celebrity filmed on a UTV with on again, off again girlfriend Selena Gomez. The young couple was photographed with Selena in the driver’s seat in Ontario, Canada. However, paparazzi report that they took turns behind the wheel and it seemed like a relaxed, romantic date. Depending on the type of UTV you have, riding as a twosome is a guaranteed way to get a little closer and up the romance factor quite a bit. Celebrities seem to be particularly fond of Kymco models, with Simon Cowell, Valentino Rossi and even Dr. Dre spotted on these particularly sporty UTVs. The Super 8 is the Kymco of choice, with Colin Edwards spotted on the machine with a young rider in tow, and Nicky Hayden was also snapped riding shotgun with an unknown expert driver. Living the Hollywood Lifestyle Ready to trade in your Lamborghini, stretch Hummer or “low profile” Tesla for something a little more rugged? Maybe all that UTV riding is actually how celebrities get those film-perfect bodies and extra jolts of excitement in between jet setting. There’s no Oscar nods, hefty paychecks or knowing someone who knows someone in order to score an UTV of your very own. However, riders may want to steer clear or playing loose and fast with the rules of proper wear (no bikinis) and ages of shotgun riders. After all, celebrities may have great taste but they’re not always known for making the smartest, safest choices.

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