Can You Ride Your UTV Safely In The Snow?

For those of you who love to adventure in the snow, here is how you can ride your UTV safely in that fluffy white powder.

If you live in Utah, You know the winter months can be equipped with heavy snowfall and a steep drop in temperature. Along with the steep changes in weather, comes a whole new variety of outdoor activities to do. Owning a UTV gets even more fun in the winter months. 


First and foremost, you want to make sure that when you take that snowy adventure on your UTV, that you are dressed for the cold. Thick thermals, insulated socks and boots, snow pants, heavy coat, gloves, ear coverings, face mask, and goggles are a must. Make sure all of your layers are waterproof. The temperature will feel cold outside, but when you are driving fast in the crisp air it will feel ten times colder. You can always take layers off if you feel too hot, but it is a sore spot to be in if you are too cold and have nothing to get warm with.


Snow can get deep, and depending on the conditions, slushy, icey, or thick. Ensure you have tires that are built for snow. This will allow you to maneuver through the snow and sleet without getting stuck or sliding around too much. Some all terrain tires work great in the snow as well. The benefit here is that you can use them year round when the snow is dried up and the spring rolls around.


Installing the proper windshield will allow you to stay warm, and also ride your UTV safely in the snow. Especially if you are driving your UTV and it starts to snow. Having a full windshield will allow you to keep driving and also keep the snow out of your face while you are trying to see where you are going.


Weather can change quickly. It is important to have a roof over your head while driving. In combination with the right windshields, this can aid in keeping you warm in the cab.


Water is one of the first things on your list to bring with you on your UTV snow excursion. Think about how much water you might need, and then bring extra. Temperatures can easily drop below freezing in the mountains and keeping a few water bottles close—even in your coat can keep them from freezing so you can drink them when needed. A few other items you don't want to be caught without when out in the cold are a winch, a tow strap, waterproof matches, shovel, GPS, a change of clothes, a first aid kit, and extra rope.

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