Is Buying A Brand New UTV Worth It?

No doubt other UTV goers have grappled with this same dilemma about if buying a brand new UTV is really worth it.

If you are in the market for a UTV, buying used or new is the big question in your mind. As you continue reading you will find all of our advice and tips for buying your next UTV.

Perks of Buying New

There are naturally going to be a lot of perks to purchasing a new UTV. 

1 - You know the driving history. Naturally, you know your UTV is in tip-top shape and has not been through any accidents. It's been well maintained and is a safe vehicle to ride in. Everything inside the UTV works great, from the seat harnesses to the breaks.

2 - Your brand new UTV comes with guarantees and protections that buying used does not compete with.

3 - If you are new to owning a UTV and would not consider yourself an expert, buying new will be easier on your part. It is less work and research you have to do to ensure you find a used UTV for the right price in the best shape.

Cons of Buying New

1 - Some dealerships might not be in your price range or offer what you are looking for. Look around at different dealerships and read reviews. Some dealerships will try to upsell parts or products that you otherwise would not need.

2 - You will probably be approached with the option to “finance” your UTV. This can be troublesome for many who don't read the fine print or sign for a price they cannot afford after all the extra fees.

Perks of Buying Used

1 - The number one reason that people buy used is cost. Usually, finding a used UTV will save you a good portion of the cash.

2 - Buying a UTV that is used could mean you pay less for more customized upgrades and special parts for your machine.

Cons of Buying Used

1 - if you find a good UTV but have a sneaky seller, oftentimes, your transaction can do more harm than good. Down the line you may have to deal with a lot of out of pocket cash for repairs that should have been addressed pre-sale.

2 - There most often would be a small margin of cash needed down the line to service the used UTV at some point.

3 - Searching high and low from seller to seller trying to find a UTV in your price range. This process can be tedious and time-consuming.

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