Can You Legally Ride Your UTV In Bear Lake Utah?

Utah is home to great and marvelous scenery, and amongst the beautiful scenery are amazing trails and paths to ride your UTV. The weather changes from season to season, and that is what is so exciting about adventuring out on your UTV here. You can ride all year long no matter the season. Winter, spring, summer or fall, each season provides different avenues to have fun outdoors riding your UTV. A top place for adventure seekers statewide is Bear Lake Utah. Can you ride here? We are spilling the details. 

Where Is Bear Lake Located?

Bear Lake is a beautiful state park oasis year-round. When in Bear Lake there is so much to do and see. The most popular activity next to riding your UTV, is actually playing and swimming in the large lakes. The crisp blue water and the white sandy beaches are popular attractions amongst natives and visitors alike. This destination is located in Utah and Idaho.

Can You Ride Your UTV In Bear Lake?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes you can ride your UTV in Bear Lake, but you cannot ride your UTV inside the state park. There are many breathtaking trails you can ride that are close.

Where Can I Ride My UTV In Bear Lake?

The following information can be found at

  • Garden City Canyon to access US Forest Service trails in the upper parts of Logan Canyon.
  • Hodges Canyon & Richardson Fork to access US Forest Service trails along the Sinks Road in Logan Canyon.
  • Temple Canyon & Cottonwood Canyon roads to access US Forest Service trails and connect to Hardware Ranch, First Point, and Tower Hill.
  • South Eden Canyon road and 6-mile trai

A Few Tips:

If you haven't ridden the trails in Bear Lake, Utah, before, go prepared. You can start by dressing for the occasion and for the weather. Wear clothes that can protect your skin if injured and goggles so you can see clearly and do not get flying debris in your eyes. Wear hard toe boots and long pants. If it is colder, wear thick pants and heavy duty boots. Bring a first aid kit and plenty of water incase of emergency. If you have a GPS system, bring it with you. If you don't have one, now is the time to buy one.

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