Best 5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in Your UTV

Having a furry best friend is one of the best ways to live life, and it’s best if you know how to keep your dog safe in your UTV. 

The other best way to live life is to explore, have adventures, and spend time doing what you love. This includes riding your UTV. Here are 3 tips  to keep your dog safe while living the best of both worlds.

Training + Prep

You can't just bring your dog along with you on your trip and expect them to sit still in the UTV. Before you leave for your UTV riding excursion, take time to familiarize your dog with the vehicle. On and off, allow them to jump in and out to get in. Train them how to sit  and what they need to do to be safe while riding with you.


You never know what environmental factors you will run into that are out of your control. This could be anything from other riders, other animals, snakes, poisonous plants, you name it. Your dog should be trained to come when you call, and to know what to do and how to avoid dangerous situations. Keep your dog safe by investing in proper training.

Protective Gear

This one could be tricky for some dogs, but a must have for all. You will also need to take time for your dog to adjust to wearing the safety gear before your adventure in the UTV. Buying a pair of goggles for your furry friend will help them out tremendously. Your dog will also need their own harness. If they want to ride in the cab, they will need to be strapped in correctly. You can also opt for a crate instead. Secure a sturdy crate to the bed and make sure it is comfortable and safe for your dog to be in during the ride.

Food & Water

This one might seem like a no brainer, but when you are packing for a trip it can be easily forgotten. Packing enough food and water for your dog is important. You never know if you might get stranded or be in a situation where you need to feed your dog more food than you originally planned.

Pet First Aid

Being prepared and knowing what to do and what you have is priceless. Take time to pack a first aid kit for your dog with items you may need. This could look like bringing something that can administer medicine and also a way to induce vomiting if needed. You would also need some disposable gloves, an ice pack, towels, and more.

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