What Are The OHV Rules In Utah?

Before you start riding your off  highway vehicle in Utah, it's best to know the OHV rules and regulations.

The more you know, the better experience you will have exploring trails and making memories. We are reviewing some of the OHV rules and laws right here- so stay tuned.

Wear a Helmet

All passengers and riders of an off highway vehicle must wear a helmet at all times. For individuals under 18 years of age-it is the law to have one worn, but everyone is advised to have one utilized when riding.

Don't Drive Under The Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other substances that can impair you is illegal and against OHV Rules. Any combination of these substances that can render you impaired is also implied.

OHV Education Certification

For riders that are 8-15 years of age, it is required to have a OHV Education Certificate before driving on public lands anywhere. A safety course will outline everything you need to know to get you started and out riding safely. You can begin here to obtain your certificate.

Riding on the Right Side of The Road

This rule is very similar to driving your car on any road. Drive on the right side of the road, and in single file.

Light Use

If you are riding your vehicle between sunset and sunrise, having your lights on is required.


Breaks on your vehicle should be checked to ensure they are up to regulation. They should be able to stop and control your ATV at all times.

Muffler Regulations

Aside from snowmobiles, mufflers must have an approved spark arrestor to operate. A Spark arrestor prevents sparks and flames from escaping out of the exhaust.

Sand Dunes

When riding in Sand Dunes areas, a red and orange whip flag that is 6X12 inches must be attached to the vehicle. Having a whip flag attached addresses the visibility issue in the Sand Dunes. Other riders are alerted to your location based on the flag they can see- even if they cannot see your vehicle.

Oncoming Traffic

Being alert to all oncoming traffic is required. Paying attention around all curves and bends while riding on trails will increase your safety.You also cannot drive your OHV on any highway or freeway as it is against the law.

Snowmobile trails

Any off road vehicle that is 800 pounds or more is not prohibited on any snowmobile trails across the state.

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