3 Reasons Why a UTV Skid Plate is Worth the Investment

As an avid rider, it’s critical that you protect and preserve your machine by adding a UTV skid plate and guards. Trust us; it’s worth the investment.

You’ve likely invested plenty of time and money into your UTV; it takes a lot to get it working and looking just how you want it to look. Without the investment of skid plates or guards, your recreational vehicle will not effortlessly glide over obstacles or debris damage-free. 

Learn more about why these plates are worth every penny below.

What is a UTV Skid Plate?

They’re an aftermarket add-on feature that permanently attaches to the underside of your utility terrain vehicle. This feature acts as a protective barrier, helps minimize damage when ground contact is made, and is a must-have for any off-road or lowered vehicle.

If you decide to invest in a skid plate for your off-roading machine, a custom-made plate is ideal. However, plenty of great non-customized options are available on the market that will get the job done.

Why Does Your UTV Need One?

A UTV skid plate will stop dents and dings in their tracks, and many of these rigid plates feature holes to allow water drainage to prevent rust. Many skid plates reach the entire length and width of your machine and have extenders that cover arms, too. Installing this additional guard will allow you to rip over rocks, logs, and anything else a rough terrain throws at you without causing significant damage. Individuals who spend any amount of time on their UTVs, beginners or seasoned veterans, can enjoy the benefits of a skid plate.

If you need a little more convincing, here are a few reasons why these plates are worth the money:

Damage Prevention — Unless you get underneath your UTV and take a look for yourself, you won’t know just how much damage can occur to your machine’s undercarriage. Without a plate, the underbelly of your UTV takes a severe beating. It’s not uncommon for seemingly minor dents and dings to occur below deck, and most owners won’t know the damage is present until it is serious.

Extend Your Machine’s Life — Like we said, skid plates are an aftermarket purchase that protects your investment. Like clear-coat protection after a custom paint job, skid plates protect the underside of your ride, thus extending its life.

Cost-Effective — While the cost of a customized plate varies, you can find a decent one for around $600. If you have ever paid for parts and labor when an essential part needs fixing, you know that several hundred dollars can be just the tip of the iceberg. A relatively small investment can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs.

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UTV skid plates are the perfect aftermarket accessory for anyone that owns a utility terrain vehicle. So make sure you get one that gets the job done. And for more aftermarket accessories and windshields, check out TerraRider UTV Windshields. We offer many high-quality windshields and accessories your machine needs for a thrilling UTV adventure. Check out our online shop today, or contact us if you have any questions!

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