Expert UTV Maintenance Tips

No matter what level of UTV rider you may be, there is always more to learn about better UTV maintenance. These machines are adventuring mile after mile, and the importance of taking care of your UTV is critical in your machine lasting for years to come. We share the ins and outs of taking care of your UTV the right way. Stay tuned.

Ensure Proper Tire Cleaning and Air Pressure

Because of the nature of UTV tires and their structure, it is easy for mud, dirt, sand, and other debris to get caught or stuck in the tires. For this reason, it is essential to clean them as part of your regular maintenance. Storing your vehicle away for a season can cause it to lose pressure in the tires. If allowed to sit for too long, this can eventually ruin your tires. 

Frequently check the tire pressure when your vehicle is stored away. You can also keep your UTV suspended off the ground to allow for tires to sit well in storage and not be harmed in the process from weather and or other ailments.

Check Your Battery

Your UTV will need the battery replaced at some point in its lifetime. Knowing what type of battery you have will get you one step ahead in replacing it when needed. The different types of batteries are:

  • Conventional Battery or Lead Acid Battery
  • Lithium Battery
  • Absorbent Glass Mat Battery

  • Check your vehicle's user manual for more information.

    Change The Oil

    Just as you would change your car oil, you should regularly check and change your UTV oil. Changing oil is the best thing you can do for your UTV to prevent engine wear and tear. Check your user manual for more information on how to change your specific UTVs oil.

    Replace The Air Filter

    One aspect that often gets overlooked for cars and UTVs alike is the air filters. The air filter can affect your engine’s capacity if it prohibits airflow. By checking your air filter periodically, you will notice when it gets too dirty, so you can change it for the best output of your machine.

    Give It A Good Wash

    Yes, you drive your UTV often, and it is probably dirty every time you go out for an adventure. These vehicles are meant to ride often and get messy. But they should not stay messy. When you store your machine away dirty, you create the perfect atmosphere for the dirt, debris, and mud to create rust on your machine. In addition, if you have leaves, sticks, and other debris inside by the radiator, you can experience reduced efficiency for your engine.

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