How To Plow Snow With Your UTV Like A Pro

It’s that time of year where if you are a UTV owner, learning how to plow snow with your UTV is a coveted skill to have. Temperatures have dropped to a balmy 38 degrees, blizzards occur weekly, and the snow on your driveway has piled up a few feet high. If you want to enjoy this winter season without too much hassle but aren't sure how to use your UTV to plow-we have you covered. We are sharing our tips here. Read on.

Do I Need A Winch To Plow Snow With My UTV?

 Plowing snow can be pretty simple once you select the right UTV for your snow conditions. You can choose to use a winch for your plowing or decide to forego. Although having a winch on your UTV to plow snow is helpful, it is not absolutely necessary. You can use it to install the plow, but there are other options available to plow your snow if you so choose. 

First, you attach the winch to the UTV, then hook your snowplow to the winch. For most UTV owners, using a winch is their first choice. If the price is within your budget, shooting to purchase a winch for snow plowing is the way to go.

Plowing Snow Using Your UTV With A Winch

If you choose to plow snow using your UTV with a winch, there are a few steps to follow. You can do this process yourself or pay to have a professional attach the winch for you. When you purchase your winch for your UTV, you will be given a set of instructions on how to install it. Follow these for easy step-by-step installation.

Plowing Snow Using Your UTV Without A Winch

If you choose not to use a winch to plow snow with your UTV, the installation process is slightly different. You will need to select a mounting kit, plow base, and plow blade.

Mounting Kit

First, select a mounting kit. There are two different styles; a front mounting kit and a center mounting kit. Front mounting kits are generally easier to install as you do not have to get up under the machine to attach the blade. The center mounting kit attaches underneath the UTV.

Plow Base

 Next, choose a plow base that is specific to your mounting kit. This will link the mounting kit to the blade for use.

Plow Blade

For choosing the plow blade, you have two options. You can choose from a straight-blade style or an angled blade style.

The last thing to remember for your UTV is that you will need a lifting mechanism. You can choose to have a manual lifting mechanism( which is most similar to a winch) or a direct lifting mechanism. A manual lifting mechanism is also generally the cheaper option. 

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