Which is safer, a UTV or an ATV?

UTV’s and ATV’s serve many purposes; you can use them to get work done, help out a friend, and enjoy time surrounded by nature. But before you hit the trails to have some fun, you also want to make sure you’re safe. While their size, speed, and weight are what make them so helpful, it is also what can cause them to be so dangerous. It doesn’t take much to turn a good time into a deadly one when it comes to UTV’s and ATV’s. But because they are both different, they also have differences when it comes to their safety. This may cause you to question which is safer, a UTV or an ATV? As you weight the safety of these two machines for you and your family, here are a few things to consider. First, remember that the safety of either machine depends largely on how safe the driver is. As a driver, be sure you are prepared with the proper training and knowledge before you hit the trails and play it safe and smart while having a good time.

Number of Wheels

No matter what kind of machine you’re driving, you’re going to have more traction and stability with each additional wheel you have. Most ATV’s have four wheels, as do most UTV’s. In this regard, they are both equally safe. Two-wheeled or three-wheeled options will leave you with less stability and traction.

Center of Gravity

When it comes to the center of gravity, your UTV will be a safer choice. Because a UTV has it’s payload below the top of the tires, it helps lower the center of gravity. This helps to make your UTV more stable and means there is less of a chance of rolling over. This, of course, will lead to a safer experience overall.


One of the major differences between a UTV and ATV is the cab. Many UTV’s have enclosed cabs. And if it doesn’t have one, many come with the option of upgrading the cab to an enclosed one. This not only keeps you more comfortable during a variety of weather situations, but it also keeps you safer from debris that may be kicked up from the road or trail and can make accidents safer by keeping you within the frame and roll cage. An ATV leaves you open to the world, which may be nice if you enjoy a breeze through your hair, but can ultimately be quite dangerous.

Roll Cage

Like the safety that comes with a cab, the framework of your roll cage will help keep you protected in your UTV during an accident; safety that you just don’t get with an ATV.


Another way to keep you safe in your UTV is by adding a windshield. The Polaris Ranger tip out windshield, Kawasaki side-by-side windshield, and the Ryfab commander windshield are all different windshield options but they will all give you added protection. Your machine may come with a UTV folding windshield, or it may have the options for an aftermarket addition which will leave you looking for UTV windshields for sale. If you want a quality windshield, look no further than UTV Windshields & Accessories.

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