What You Should Always Carry in Your UTV

Driving your side-by-side is exhilarating, but it’s also a risky experience. As a UTV driver, you consider the risks to be part of the fun. Even if you’ve been a proud UTV driver for years now, you should always be prepared to face unfamiliar terrain, volatile weather, mechanical problems, and potential driving accidents. Anything can happen when you’re out on the trails, and you must be prepared to tackle any twist and turn. You don’t want to end up stranded six hours away from home without any water or a spare tire. 

Here’s a list of UTV must-haves that will help riders of all skill levels expect the unexpected.


GPS Navigator

Remember when you used to rely on your GPS to take you from point A to point B? Nowadays, most people rely on their phones for directions. While this is the most convenient way to follow a route, this does not mean it’s the most reliable. Using your phone as a guide for inner-city travel is optimal, but when you’re out in the desert, you run the risk of losing service. GPS navigators are the superior option for people who are traveling far off because they can run for days, load any route, and don’t need data to function. Moreover, the price of a GPS navigator has decreased within the past decade. There’s no excuse to not invest in one.


Large First-Aid Kit

You might already have a small first-aid kit stashed away in your glove compartment, which is perfect for minor scrapes and bruises. However, you shouldn’t cut any corners when it comes to UTV safety. It’s not enough to carry a few band-aids and ointment; you’ll need to stock up on the following items:

  • Splints
  • Elastic bandages
  • Antiseptic
  • Cold pack
  • Wraps
  • Bodywarmers
  • Burn care supplies

In the event of an accident, you’ll be able to take care of yourself—at least until an ambulance arrives. You might even be able to save a lie. Make checking your first-aid kit a part of your post-riding routine, and make sure that no item is expired.


Lots of Water

Water bottles are a UTV staple. This especially reigns true if you’re visiting the national and state parks by Moab. Moab is a UTV rider’s paradise, but its intense heat will quickly eat away at your stamina. With all the hiking you’ll be doing, you’ll need water—lots and lots of water. Even if you’re trekking in the dead of winter, you’ll still feel dehydrated after a few minutes of walking. The National Park Service urges visitors to carry at least one gallon of water per day with them. Don’t worry about refilling your gallon, as most parks are equipped with free water refill stations.


Fire Extinguisher 

You probably think that taking a fire extinguisher out on the road is a bit much, but in the event of a fire, an extinguisher is your first line of defense. Having a fire extinguisher in your car is the difference between minimal damage and a totaled UTV. Flipped machines can catch on fire if you aren’t able to immediately turn off your ignition. Be prepared. 

Riding your UTV is a thrill, but safety always comes first. To learn more about UTV safety and to invest in some new accessories, contact UTV Windshields & Accessories today. 

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