Planning a Family UTV Trip

You’re probably used to riding around your UTV with your friends, but when was the last time you treated your family to a UTV trip? Spending quality time with your family is just as important, and they’ll never get bored of going out for a spin on your beloved side-by-side. There’s a vacation destination for every type of person—beach vacations, culinary vacations, and ski vacations are highly-trafficked spots, to name a few. Believe it or not, there are also UTV vacations, and they’re rising in popularity. 

If you love cruising through different types of terrain and you want to introduce your family to new places, a side-by-side vacation is just what you and your family need. Make sure to take extra care of your kids while you’re on the road. Use careful discretion when deciding which routes to take if your little ones are in the vehicle. For some destinations, it’s best to leave your kids with a babysitter; you can always invite other relatives over for an adventure. Load up your rig and check out these famous riding destinations. 


Moab, Utah

Are you an experienced rider who’s looking for a challenge? If you’ve never taken your family to Moab, you now have an excuse to whip out your UTV. Moab is situated right here in Utah, and it’s visited by thousands of tourists from across the country each year. This nationally recognized spot boasts hundreds of miles of red rock trails and canyons. There’s a reason why several people claim that Moab is Mars on earth. 

Seasoned riders gravitate to these tough trails all year long—even in the winter. One of the most attractive aspects of Moab for UTV riders is that it caters directly to off-road vehicle riders, making it easy to find hotels that are UTV friendly.


Imperial Sand Dunes, California

What if you’ve already ridden across all of Utah? Don’t bore your family by going to the same trails each year. Spruce things up and head out of state for your UTV vacation. People who have been riding their UTV for a few years now have heard of the Imperial Sand Dunes in Southern California. This popular spot shows off over 20,000 acres of picturesque sand dunes. Although it may be too hot to travel through the sand dunes during the summer, you can always plan your trip for the fall or winter. 



Believe it or not, Maine is an excellent spot for UTV riding. You probably didn’t expect to hear this, but Maine is often called a trail blazer’s heaven by riders. Currently, Maine offers over 6,000 miles of trails that are legal to drive your side-by-side on, and new trails are being added each year! There are plenty of family-friendly trails that you can take your kids for a ride on, as well as rough terrains to test your skills. Terrain difficulty ranges throughout the Pine Tree State, and adventure-seekers can expect wooded areas, dirt, mud, and snow. Pack your wardrobe accordingly. 

Discovering new places is always a fun activity, and you’ll only regret not doing it sooner. Before you head out on your UTV vacation, make sure that your vehicle is in top shape. Contact UTV Windshields & Accessories today to upgrade your UTV to new, quality windshields and accessories. 

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