What Should I Bring on a UTV Trip?

One of the marvelous things about UTV excursions is that no two trips are the same. However, that means you won’t always know what to expect. Just about anything can happen when you’re trailblazing the mountainside, so it is necessary to expect the unexpected. Whether you are taking your UTV out for a quick ride or an extended getaway, there are a few things that every rider should take along.

Before you pack up for your next UTV adventure, continue reading to make sure you’re not left stranded.


The Basics

Of course, you cannot leave home without the basics. Don’t forget your helmets, goggles, and other protective gear, along with clothing that is appropriate for the forecasted weather. Pack your cell phone and charger. Be sure to bring enough food and water to last your trip plus a couple of extra days in the event of an emergency.

Bring along any necessary toiletries such as your toothbrush, contacts and sun and prescription glasses, toilet paper, and anything else you require on a day-to-day basis.

Jumper Cables: Don’t get stranded because of a dead battery. Pack your jumper cables, jump starter kit, or extra batteries just in case.

First Aid Kit: Bringing along a first aid kit is a no-brainer since they are always coming in handy. From small scrapes to large gashes, you’ll be happy you brought a first aid kit.

GPS: Because you won’t always have cell phone service, it’s a good idea to pack your GPS, so you always know where you are and how to get down the mountain safely. At the very least, bring a map and compass.

Flat Tire Fixes: You won’t get far with a flat tire. A can of Fix-a-Flat, air pump, spare tire, or tire plugs can come in handy when your tire is flat on the side of a mountain, and AAA can’t find you.

Camping Gear: If you’re planning to camp outdoors or not, you may want to consider packing your camping gear. Even if it’s just the small emergency stuff that doesn’t take up a lot of space, having proper shelter and supplies can make a big difference.

Rope, Tow Straps, and Winch: You can count on getting stuck at least once or twice on UTV adventures. Ropes, tow straps, and winches (especially if you’re riding solo) can help in these situations.

Tool Kit: You never know when you’ll need a screwdriver, vise grips, or pliers. Bring along a basic tool kit and anything else your machine may require. In addition to those types of tools, you might want to pack duct tape, a knife, a fire starter kit, and other similar items.

Gasoline: To make sure you never run out of gas, bring along an extra gallon or two on your outings. It’s no fun to make the walk of shame back to camp because your machine ran out of gas.

Logic: Be sure to pack your common sense. This could be one of the more important things you bring along. Know your limits and your machine’s limits. Be respectful of the land and paths around you. Have fun, but don’t let having fun get in the way of being safe.  


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