What are the Pros and Cons of a Half-Windshield?

Choosing a windshield for your UTV may be a little tricky and depends on some factors. Today, we’ll talk about half-windshields and their pros and cons, so sit tight and continue reading.


UTV Half-Windshields

There are several types of UTV windshields, including no windshield, half-windshield, and full-windshield. You can also choose to get a flip-up windshield that allows you to flip it up or down, depending on the terrain in which you’ll be riding. Come along for the ride.


Pros of Half-Windshields

UTV owners choose a half-windshield when they want to feel some wind in their faces. Some other reasons to choose this type of windshield includes:
  • A small lip along the top edge of the windshield allows direct air up and over the cab and passengers, which works great in decreasing airflow through the cab.
  • Half-windshields have a tint to them, eliminating some glare without obstructing your vision.
  • A half-windshield is great for summer riding when the weather is milder.
  • For hill-riding, a half-windshield won’t blind you with sun-glare when going up a hill.
  • Less dust kicks up on the windshield.
  • It doesn’t get as dirty as a full windshield.
  • Snow won’t build up in the cab and result in colder conditions.
  • They are also cheaper than the full-sized windshields.

Cons of Half-windshields

For UTV owners in harsh winter climates, half-windshields may have downsides. The cons of this type of windshield include:
  • Dust swirling up and into the cab
  • Snow and mud that gets kicked up and can blind the driver and passengers
  • Feel a little colder in the cab

Whether you choose a half-windshield or not, the strength of the glass is just as important. Here are some of the different glass options to consider.


Glass Strength


Hard-Coated Polycarbonate

Unlike regular polycarbonate glass, hard-coated poly is the strongest out of the four materials for windshields. It’s a little less clear but is scratch-resistant and a good choice for UTVs, particularly when riding on tough terrain where rocks and branches pose a risk of shattering a windshield.



This material is still durable, but is the least clear and is less scratch-resistant than the hard-coated poly. Still, it’s not quite as expensive and protects from debris being kicked up.



With acrylic, you’re going to get a weaker strength, and it’s least scratch-resistant; however, it is the clearest material. It’s also less expensive than both polycarbonate and hard-coated polycarbonate, so it may work well if you don’t plan on riding over rough terrain.


Safety Glass

This material is the weakest in strength, but is the highest in scratch-resistance and is clear glass. It’s important to weigh this option with your off-roading style and the type of UTV you own.  


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If you’re ready to pull the trigger on a windshield, reach out and contact us for more information and the types we carry, which includes half-windshields. Our team of experts will answer any questions or address your concerns. Let us get you the right windshield for your upcoming off-roading adventure.

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